Special Series: Last Resort

Last Resort” is a Colorado News Collaborative-led four-part investigation by Chalkbeat Colorado, The Colorado Sun, and KFF Health News into the collapsing system of schools that serve some of Colorado’s most vulnerable students.

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En total, los maestros filipinos representarán alrededor de un 7% de los maestros del distrito el año que viene.
Five students talk about their post-high school plans after four years shaped by the pandemic, racial justice protests, and economic uncertainty.
One proposal calls for training community resource officers who would respond only to emergencies and threats. Another would give Superintendent Alex Marrero discretion to station police inside schools.
Superintendent Alex Marrero previously suggested schools should decide on SROs. Now he wants the school board to set policy.
Decrying infighting on the Denver board, Ballenger said he wants ‘to make school board meetings boring again.’
5280 Freedom School’s founder said the inability to open will hurt Black students who are not served well in district schools.
The new FAFSA college aid application is expected to be rolled out this year. It might penalize families with small businesses and farms
Next school year, the Harrison school district will have 42 Filipino teachers on staff.
Mike Johnston y Kelly Brough son los candidatos a alcalde de Denver. Vota antes de las elecciones el 6 de junio.
Denver Public Schools is the largest school district in the state, and Marrero’s salary will now be among the highest for a superintendent in Colorado.
Some students and advocacy groups are speaking out against permanently reintroducing police in schools. “We want to be students, not prisoners,” one student said.
The Jeffco district expects to make recommendations for middle school and K-8 closures in August.
A district document cites several reasons why it’s been difficult to hire a new chief, including media coverage of the school board.
Families who apply by Wednesday at 5 p.m. will find out June 1 which preschools their children matched with.

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The additional support could help the beleaguered facility school system grow by 40% statewide.
“The regret I have right now is that he’s not here for me to tell him that,” Mason said of student Austin Lyle, who took his own life after shooting Mason and another dean.
Middle school recommendations are expected in August, and will also consider schools at the end of the accountability clock.
Spearman announced Monday he plans to run for the at-large school board seat currently held by Anderson, who is running for re-election.
Minnequa Elementary School’s progress comes as many schools are trying to reverse pandemic-era drops in math achievement.
“Beacon Zone students and families ... will face a degraded school experience next year without the support of the Beacon Zone.”
Only 42% of respondents to a Denver teachers union survey said police in schools would make them feel safe.
Colorado students enrolled in college at lower rates. They’re also going out of state at higher rates.
Cada vez más niños están en duelo por la pérdida de uno de sus padres, pero pocos programas de apoyo existen.
Denver district would retrain all employees in safety procedures and will focus on mental health and equity, its draft safety plan proposes.
Lawmakers have one week to get their tax relief proposal through the Colorado General Assembly. Then it would be up to voters.
Colorado’s open meetings law declares that the “formation of public policy is public business and may not be conducted in secret.”
Wendy Birhanzel describes the Harrison school district’s efforts to reduce out-of-school suspensions and a local partnership to cover the cost of college.
The district says resources to help those students — from free transportation to rental assistance — are nearly maxed out.
The Aurora school board voted unanimously to name Cherry Creek administrator Michael Giles as the district’s next superintendent.
Los que defienden esta iniciativa dicen que los padres que no hablan inglés necesitan tener acceso a documentos en un idioma que entiendan para poder colaborar en la elaboración del plan de educación especial de sus hijos.
Colorado Governor Jared Polis in April signed the bill enabling people to reduce prison sentences by earning a college education.
Some preschools are still deciding how many seats to offer through the universal program next fall.
Financial aid letters are notoriously hard to understand.
Denver mayoral candidates Kelly Brough and Michael Johnston offered their visions for the mayor’s voice in education.
Los candidatos Kelly Brough y Michael Johnston hablarán de su visión en cuanto a la voz de la alcaldía en la educación.
Turnout for school events has been sparse, but a student concert packed our gym.
Special education is in the midst of a staffing crisis. A funding boost in this year’s Colorado budget could provide some relief.
Many school district leaders said they don’t oppose standardized tests, but they think current state tests are more involved than necessary, taking up too much time.
If passed into law, it will extend some protections to students facing expulsion and require hearing officers to undergo training in trauma, adolescent brain development.
Murphy Robinson will assist in “evaluating current building infrastructure, systems, policies and training, as well as the safety culture.”
Nearly 63% of respondents said board members care more about their own political ambitions than about improving educational outcomes for children.
“There is no reason for our state to have a rainy day fund if we don’t recognize that we’re in a rainy day,” one state senator said in arguing for more school funding.