La decisión se produjo un día después del tiroteo contra dos administradores en la Denver East High School.
The next district leader will face a divided board while trying to meet the needs of one of the state’s most diverse communities, and raising their academic achievement.
A bill would incentivize universities to enroll more in-state students who benefit from a Colorado merit aid program, in exchange for enrolling more out-of-state students who pay higher tuition.
The board decision comes after Superintendent Alex Marrero’s pledge to return police to campus. The shooting of two East High administrators shifted the debate on police in Denver schools.
Superintendent Alex Marrero said a day off from school would give students and staff time to process events.
Use Chalkbeat Colorado’s bill tracker to follow education legislation in the 2023 Colorado General Assembly.
Less than 10% of students received any tutoring this fall in several large districts, according to an AP/Chalkbeat survey. In others, it was less than 1%.
Parents and students say they are numb and frustrated after the shooting of two deans at East High School. It was the third shooting this school year at or near Denver’s largest high school.
“I can no longer stand on the sidelines,” Marrero wrote in a letter to the school board, which banned police from schools in 2020.
Los panelistas en un foro de prevención de la violencia en la secundaria East High sugirieron que hubiese más servicios de salud mental para los estudiantes junto con leyes más estrictas de control de armas.
The 3-year-old charter school cited low enrollment and high costs as the reasons for the closure in a resolution passed by its board of directors.
Las escuelas Fairview Elementary, Math and Science Leadership Academy y Denver Discovery School cerrarán al final de este año escolar por tener una inscripción sumamente baja.
On three Wednesdays in a row, hoax swatting threats kept these Aspen students in their classrooms. On the fourth Wednesday, teachers called a ski day.
Some school districts, including Boulder Valley and La Veta, already conduct universal dyslexia screenings in certain grades.
Some observers say the recent challenges are a sign that political winds have shifted in DPS.
Colorado is one of just 10 states that doesn’t require CPR training in high school.

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They ask themselves, ‘Would I be able to step in front of a gun for my students?’
“We shouldn’t have to be here,” East Students Demand Action member Gracie Taub told the crowd. “Luis should be here.”
Colorado doesn’t have a law about corporal punishment, which leaves open the use of the practice.
Cherry Creek schools is funding a pilot program with nonprofit Judi’s House to create the curriculum.
‘These are really tough decisions and none of us are taking them lightly,’ said board member Carrie Olson, who experienced a school closure when she was a teacher.
University officials expect to produce 20-30 teachers a year when the program ramps up.
Fairview Elementary, Math and Science Leadership Academy, and Denver Discovery School could close at the end of this school year if the school board approves the recommendation.
A teacher at KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy is fighting to start what he calls the Colorado Charter Teachers Association.
Colorado lawmakers hope after-school tutoring can reach 50,000 students. They’re also calling for better teacher training and resources to help parents help their kids.
The Colorado Children’s Campaign and the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition are leading the coalition.
Luis was the second student shot near East High this school year. Students say they’re angry, sad, and tired.
Un número creciente de distritos escolares de Colorado ofrecerá almuerzo gratis a todos los estudiantes el próximo año, incluidos los de Denver, Douglas County, y Greeley-Evans.
A bill legislators advanced on Tuesday would give public employees, including K-12 and higher education workers, more workplace rights.
The case will examine local control, and districts’ authority to appeal State Board of Education orders.
Luis Garcia was shot on Feb. 13. No one has been charged with the crime.
Westminster is among several Colorado districts that have boosted starting teacher salaries recently, with Cherry Creek recently announcing a $57,000 floor.
Supporters say raising pay will make serving easier for members who can’t afford to miss work or hire a babysitter.
Adjunct faculty want Colorado to someday address the low pay, no benefits, and little say they have in the classroom.
“Clear communication with answers at meetings is going to be vital and imperative,” board member Carrie Olson said.
Superintendent Alex Marrero has named 15 schools with low enrollment, 3 of them ‘critical,’ as school closure conversations resume.
Los datos muestran que los graduados tienen menos probabilidades de reincidir. Eso también significa menos costos para la sociedad.
In December, 8 of 24 Colorado districts surveyed by Chalkbeat were undecided about offering free meals next year. Now, only 2 are still unsure.
Denver school board VP Auon’tai Anderson sought a permanent restraining order against critic Brandon Pryor, but a judge didn’t think there was enough evidence.
Chad Lemons started a unified percussion ensemble for students with intellectual disabilities and peer mentors at Mead High School.
Students who are the first in their families to go to college face an uphill road. Would designating certain schools first-generation-serving institutions help them reach their goals?
The study looked at schools in Greeley that have sustained their improvements.
“This is getting away from an oppressive policing model to a more liberatory relationship-centered model among students and adults who happen to be police officers.”