Aurora Public Schools

Leaders hope the project will mint 335 new Colorado teachers over three years.
Aurora joined a handful of other districts where board members can soon receive pay.
Aurora leaders believe the raises may be some of the largest raises for school staff in the Denver metro area.
Hispanic students’ high school graduation rate rose nearly 20 percentage points over the last decade in Colorado, but the pandemic threatens to erode hard-won gains.
La tasa de graduación hispana en Colorado aumentó casi 20 puntos porcentuales en comparación con la década anterior, pero la pandemia amenaza con reducir los avances alcanzados con mucho esfuerzo.
A majority of the Aurora school board voted to close two elementary schools just two months after voting to keep them open.
Aurora principals are designing a magnet arts school with a focus on equity to open fall 2022.
The Aurora administration had proposed closing Sable and Paris elementary schools as part of a long- term facilities plan to address shrinking enrollment in many parts of the district.
Aurora spent five years crafting a long-term approach to declining enrollment. Parents still feel blindsided by school closure recommendations.
La junta escolar de Aurora retrasó una votación y decidió volver a hablar sobre las recomendaciones de cerrar las escuelas primarias París y Sable en su reunión del 22 de marzo.
Colorado schools have extra money for English learners, but not all districts are using the funds to do more for students.
School nurses in Aurora worry COVID rules don’t protect students enough
En Aurora, donde más de tres cuartas partes de los estudiantes de tercer grado tienen dificultades para leer y muchos de ellos están aprendiendo inglés, lo que está en juego es bastante importante.
Guillermina McLean fue reconocida como paraeducadora del año por la Asociación de Educación Bilingüe de Colorado.
Some Aurora interventionists and specialists are stepping in as substitute teachers, making it harder to work with students or coach teachers.
The Aurora school board president said the district is proud of the community and thanked students and staff, including school resource officers.
Aurora school board candidate top fundraiser, Anne Keke, plus all union-backed candidates have a lead in late Tuesday night returns.
Chalkbeat asked Aurora Public Schools board candidates for the 2021 election to answer nine questions about education. Read their answers in this voter guide.
Charters are a key issue in the Aurora school board race but candidates aren’t talking about them, even as outside groups are spending money to sway voters.
Aurora school board candidates have raised more than $59,000, and outside groups are spending at least $145,000 more.
The Aurora school board may vote as soon as next week on a proposal to allow board members to be paid. Denver’s board has also begun discussing the idea.
For school closures or repurposing, Aurora will target Region 1 in the northern part of the district
Teachers union recommends Aurora incumbent, educator and teacher spouse in the six-way race for four seats on the district school board
Colorado’s State Board of Education approved Aurora’s plan to change the management group contracted to help improve achievement at the high school.
Colorado’s high school juniors did slightly better on the SAT than students in 2019, but fewer students took the tests. Participation rates vary from school to school.
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