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District investigation into Tay Anderson allegations to be released Wednesday

Tay Anderson, wearing a face mask, stands with two women, one on either side of him. A painting on the wall behind him reads “Black Girls and Women.”
Denver Public Schools board member Tay Anderson has repeatedly denied allegations against him.
Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post

A third-party investigation into anonymous sexual assault allegations against Denver school board member Tay Anderson is complete, according to Denver Public Schools.

The six other school board members received the 96-page report by Investigations Law Group on Monday, according to a district press release. Anderson is set to receive a copy Tuesday after it has been partially redacted by an attorney for the district “to protect the privacy of students who participated in the investigation,” the press release said.

The report will be released publicly on Wednesday, along with a statement from the board, the press release said. “The allegations made against Director Anderson were serious and warranted a thorough, independent review to ensure the safety of the DPS community and a fair process for Director Anderson,” it said.

The school board hired Investigations Law Group in April to investigate accusations against Anderson. The previous month, civil rights organization Black Lives Matter 5280 issued a statement saying a woman told the group Anderson sexually assaulted her. The accusation was anonymous.

Anderson has repeatedly denied that he sexually assaulted anyone.

Separately, former members of an anti-gun violence group called Never Again Colorado said Anderson engaged in inappropriate behavior when he was the group’s president in 2018.

And separate from those allegations, a Denver woman told a legislative committee in May that a large number of young people came to her seeking protection from a man “in a position of trust.” The Denver school board later said Anderson was the subject of the woman’s accusation.

Anderson, a 23-year-old Denver Public Schools graduate who previously worked for the district, is in the middle of serving a four-year term on the school board.

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