Rise & Shine: New ‘early warning’ system aims to help Memphis high schools identify potential dropouts

EARLY ALERT A new warning system aims to help teachers and administrators make sense out of a sea of student data and identify earlier on the students who may not graduate. Chalkbeat

CARVER HIGH In a Baptist church a short walk from Carver High School, attorneys shared their game plan Tuesday evening for a potential lawsuit against Shelby County’s school board for voting to close the 59-year-old south Memphis school. Chalkbeat

SCIENCE 101 Translating science into everyday life can be challenging for even the most seasoned teachers. But for 40 Memphis-area teachers attending a week-long science camp last week, they’ll return to the classroom better prepared to inspire their students to be scientists every day. Chalkbeat

NEW DIRECTOR The new Metro Director of Schools discusses his first initiative for the upcoming school year, which will focus on literacy, at a “Listen and Learn” session. The TennesseeanWKRN-TV

MORE TRANSPARENCY Knox County Schools Interim Superintendent Buzz Thomas hires a staff person whose sole job is to increase transparency. Knoxville News Sentinel

TENNESSEE PROMISE Current and incoming Tennessee Promise students have until Aug. 1 to complete their required community service hours. The Daily News Journal

NEW IDEAS A strategic planning process Bradley County Schools has led to a few changes around the school system. Cleveland Daily Banner

SMART KIDS How to raise successful kids, according to science. A Q&A with the coauthor of Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children. Memphis Public Radio

FINAL COUTNDOWN The start of a new school year nears for students in Blount County. The Daily Times 

 RED, WHITE AND BLUE Photos: A Dyersburg library displays its patriotic side through a red, white, and blue art exhibit created by 74 local children participating in the Summer Reading Program. Dyersburg State Gazette

DAD’S PERSPECTIVE Commentary: A dad walks into the recent national charter school convention in Nashville… Dad Gone Wild

A CHAT WITH PEARSON A Q&A with the CEO of the world’s largest textbook publisher. He says the company has a “wider responsibility” to help end educational inequities. Chalkbeat Colorado