Rise & Shine: NYC officials aim to reduce student contact with the criminal justice system

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT City officials are expanding two programs designed to limit student contact with the criminal justice system, though some advocates question whether they go far enough. Chalkbeat, New York Daily News, DNAinfo

RED CARPET The movement to celebrate public education made it into an Academy Awards acceptance speech. Chalkbeat

DATA MINING City Councilman Ben Kallos is expected to introduce a bill requiring the education department to release data on the number of applications schools receive, how many offers are made, and where students live — information that could help boost integration efforts. New York Times

NEW ROLE The education department recently hired its first-ever gender equity coordinator, who is working on issues ranging from intimate partner violence to supporting trans students. DNAinfo

SUCCESS PIVOT Success Academy chief Eva Moskowitz sent out a letter Monday in support of transgender and immigrant students, despite supporting a Trump administration that has been hostile to those groups. New York Daily News

TEACHER’S LOUNGE Google has teamed up with Educate LLC and the education department to offer more relaxed professional development sessions focused on practical advice for teachers. EdSurge

G&T DESERT Central Brooklyn’s Madiba Prep will soon get a gifted and talented program after lobbying from elected officials and community members. DNAinfo

CHARTER WARS Here are how federal, state and local politicians are thinking about charter schools. amNew York