Rise & Shine: What does the future of technical education look like?

BACK TO THE FUTURE A neuroscientist, theoretical physicist and artificial intelligence engineer were among those gathered at Automotive High School to talk about the future of vocational education. Chalkbeat

SHOW ME THE MONEY The city couldn’t account for exactly how it spent $347 million earmarked for internet upgrades in middle schools, according to an audit from the controller’s office — and educators continue to be frustrated by the condition of school internet infrastructure. New York Daily NewsNew York Post, CBS New York

ELECTION YEAR Mayoral candidate and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis criticized de Blasio’s education record, arguing that he hasn’t done enough to support the charter sector and that spending on school turnaround has not delivered convincing results. New York Post

NEXT STEPS Parents at Central Park East I may have won a victory in sacking their principal, but longstanding divisions at the school will take time to address. WNYC

NEW SCHOOL Success Academy is opening its first high school in the Bronx, housed in the historic Old Bronx Borough Courthouse. Wall Street Journal

COMIC THERAPY Teachers are increasingly relying on online comics creators to address disruptive behavior and reach students who are behind academically. The Atlantic

GET THE LEAD OUT Editorial: School officials have not been sufficiently transparent in releasing information about lead contamination in the city’s schools. amNewYork

CHARTER WARS A federal judge ruled that arbitration regarding working conditions at a South Bronx KIPP charter school can likely move forward, a win for the city’s teachers union. The 74

FAILED EXPERIMENT Opinion: The city’s recent expansion of its community schools program ignores charter schools, which are producing better results for students, according to Jeremiah Kittredge, CEO of the pro-charter group Families for Excellent Schools. New York Post

PLACARD ABUSE Editorial: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to issue thousands of parking placards to teachers is a political giveaway and a recipe for abuse. New York Post

SUPPLY AND DEMAND Editorial: Increasing demand for charter schools suggests many parents aren’t satisfied with traditional public schools. New York Post

LONG COMMUTE One student with dyslexia commutes several hours a day to get to school because there aren’t any programs on Staten Island that can meet his needs. Staten Island Advance

BUG SPRAY Staten Island parents are concerned about disease-carrying ticks, which have appeared in some schoolyards. New York Post

CHARTER RULES A city program that gives traditional public schools a chance to push aside some union rules hasn’t produced impressive results, according to StudentsFirst NY. The 74

BAD COP A school safety agent was arrested for harassment after allegedly threatening his girlfriend. Staten Island Advance

VALUE ADD William S. Sanders, a little-known statistician who helped conceive of measuring teachers by their “value added” effect on student learning, died in March. New York Times