Rise & Shine: St. Vrain Valley’s high school students report drinking less

Welcome to another week — the last before winter break!

Jeffco's Superintendent Jason Glass had talked about school choice and today, the district rolled out a website that will allow parents to shop around and learn about different schools in their district. Soon, when the district's enrollment period opens, the district will have a new universal enrollment system online where parents will have an easier time choosing any school they want to send their kids to. Read more about how it will work, in Erica Meltzer's story, below.

Also in today's roundup, check out Melanie Asmar's coverage of Susana Cordova as sole finalist for Denver superintendent, in case you missed anything. You'll want to catch up soon. The Denver school board is set to vote tonight on whether or not to confirm her as the district's next superintendent. Stay tuned!

You might have also missed, a ruling on the law that included last-minute language allowing cross-district bus services, and news that the head of the Denver Preschool Program is stepping down.

— Yesenia Robles, reporter

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ENROLLMENT The Jeffco district is rolling out a universal enrollment system to make it simpler for families to choose what school to go to, whether charter, option, or neighborhood school. Chalkbeat

TRANSPORTATION A judge struck down a part of a bill that was added just before approval, that would have allowed districts to cross boundaries to pick up students choosing to go out of their district. Chalkbeat

LEADERSHIP CHANGE The president and CEO of the Denver Preschool Program is stepping down from the role. Chalkbeat

ICYMI At a public forum last week, Susana Cordova, Denver’s deputy superintendent and sole finalist for the top job, faced tough questions, the most emotional were about inequities. Chalkbeat

Fifteen things to know about Susana Cordova, including that a big part of her job has been to help struggling district-run schools . Chalkbeat

BEHAVIOR St. Vrain Valley’s high school students report drinking less than the previous school year, but were more likely to try vaping, based on results from the district’s in-house student wellness survey. Daily Camera

SAFETY For the second time in less than a week, a suspicious package was found near McGlone Academy in Denver. The school start time has been delayed. 9News