Q. Is it true that Crocs are bad for kids’ feet? From Wendy of Denver.

crocsA. Crocs. While these shoes may feel wonderful on your foot and quite comfortable when walking, they do not support the foot well during movement. In PE classes, children move forwards, backwards and laterally. They jump, leap, hop, run, gallop and skip.

Crocs are not able to provide solid support to the foot through all the movement a child may perform during PE. In addition to not adequately supporting the foot, they do not give the ankle any reinforcement or support, either. Agility moves (changing direction quickly) often involve the ankle bones, tendons and ligaments. Crocs do not support these movements.

Nothing is better than a good ‘ol pair of gym shoes, laced up and tied tight to help your child in physical education class. I don’t believe that one pair is necessarily better than any other as long as the shoes fit the student’s foot, offer good support to his or her arches and have rubber bottoms.

Hiking boots, crocs and sport sandals don’t fit into this category. Velcro shoes for younger students are OK because many children aren’t able to tie their shoes yet.