Higher Education

Colorado leaders want to offer two years of free college to students entering teaching, nursing, firefighting, and other professions struggling to find enough workers.
The state previously used the paper-version of the PSAT and SAT to test student math and English skills.
University officials expect to produce 20-30 teachers a year when the program ramps up.
A bill legislators advanced on Tuesday would give public employees, including K-12 and higher education workers, more workplace rights.
Adjunct faculty want Colorado to someday address the low pay, no benefits, and little say they have in the classroom.
Los datos muestran que los graduados tienen menos probabilidades de reincidir. Eso también significa menos costos para la sociedad.
Students who are the first in their families to go to college face an uphill road. Would designating certain schools first-generation-serving institutions help them reach their goals?
El costo no tiene por qué ser un obstáculo para obtener un diploma en ciencias o ingeniería. La Colorado School of Mines está haciendo más para ayudar a los estudiantes de pocos ingresos a alcanzar sus sueños.
Students and faculty shared similar stories about the professor’s problematic behavior during a campus visit by state reviewers last fall.
Colorado’s new strategic plan wants higher education to pave the way for students to get good jobs that earn them better wages.
More Black and Hispanic Colorado residents hold a college degree even though the state as a whole lost some ground, according to a new report.
Colorado bills would fund more adult education to produce more educated workers and train more people for hard-to-fill jobs.
In 2020, the most recent data available, just 13.4% of the Colorado School of Mines’ 2020 freshman class had Pell Grants.
Colorado’s higher education leaders requested more money to help meet inflationary pressures and get students to graduation.
CSU’s teacher prep program is one of only a handful to win Colorado approval on the first try in the last four years.
Polis proposes in 2023-24 providing free training for jobs in education, health care, and construction trades.
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School closures, leadership turnover, social studies debates, and more. Here’s a look at our top stories of the year.
Education issues the Colorado legislature may address in 2023 include youth mental health, school safety, and teacher shortages.
The Colorado Community College System improved its graduation rates by giving students more support in and out of the classroom, with programs to help with life challenges and academic needs.
The University of Northern Colorado believes person-to-person connections are crucial.
Colorado’s Red Rocks Community College leaders say students need to know college will help them not just learn, but also make it easier to live.
A Colorado Succeeds report offers five principles in starting a conversation that helps colleges get students the job skills they need.
Hispanic college students offer advice on how to support high schoolers in realizing dreams of college
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