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Colorado students rarely have to pay the sticker price of tuition. There are numerous ways to get free college or offset tuition.
Se desconoce la cantidad de padres-estudiantes en universidades y colegios comunitarios públicos en Colorado, los servicios que se ofrecen son limitados, y estos estudiantes se sienten aislados de sus compañeros. “Realmente somos un fantasma. No nos ven”.
About 44 million Americans hold roughly $1.7 trillion in student loan debt. October marks the restart of payments.
Colorado student parents say they’re short on time and often find campuses don’t support their needs, especially at four-year universities.
A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions has focused attention on legacy admissions, which Colorado banned two years ago. The impact on campus diversity is unclear.
Women are building the networks that will train the next generation of pilots, air traffic controllers, and more. MSU Denver is playing a critical role for an industry with a big gender gap and an aging workforce.
The money will support strategies that give students a head start on postsecondary education: ‘It’s all about accelerating the evolution of our high schools.’
Counselors and studies say a four-year degree carries plenty of value. But Colorado has also created more options for students.
Fort Lewis College’s All our Kin Collective helps to address Native student language loss.
Prosperity Denver Fund oversees the city’s scholarship reimbursement program and needs to shore up its data collection practices, audit finds.
Public universities have tried to make their student body more representative of the state’s residents — and taxpayers.
The university’s Change Makers program, which began this year, aims to help older adults figure out other work and focus on passion projects.
Advocates believe requiring students to fill out the FAFSA would increase the number of Colorado students who go to college after high school.
Five students talk about their post-high school plans after four years shaped by the pandemic, racial justice protests, and economic uncertainty.
The new FAFSA college aid application is expected to be rolled out this year. It might penalize families with small businesses and farms
Both sides agreed to some gun limits, universal mental health screening in schools, and free college for students in in-demand fields.
Colorado students enrolled in college at lower rates. They’re also going out of state at higher rates.
Colorado Governor Jared Polis in April signed the bill enabling people to reduce prison sentences by earning a college education.
Financial aid letters are notoriously hard to understand.
A bill would incentivize universities to enroll more in-state students who benefit from a Colorado merit aid program, in exchange for enrolling more out-of-state students who pay higher tuition.
Colorado leaders want to offer two years of free college to students entering teaching, nursing, firefighting, and other professions struggling to find enough workers.
The state previously used the paper-version of the PSAT and SAT to test student math and English skills.
University officials expect to produce 20-30 teachers a year when the program ramps up.
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