Colorado laws require the state to intervene in low-performing school districts, and list reorganization as an option, but that had never been used before.
Citing unintended consequences, a majority of Denver school board members support moving forward a proposal to overturn parts of a new policy limiting school autonomy.
Escuelas con menos de 275 estudiantes y cada vez menos matrícula deben consolidarse, dice un comité de Denver.
Schools with fewer than 275 students and declining enrollment should be targeted for consolidation, Denver committee says.
Metrics for evaluating the superintendent say he should identify at least two “enduring systems of oppression” within the district to be dismantled.
The united front suggests Colorado will face an uphill battle in its efforts to force change on the Adams 14 community.
Colorado’s Adams 14 school district was ordered to start a reorganization process, which begins with forming a committee.
Among the uses: opening six community hubs serving students and families, raising hourly wages, and more.
Denver Superintendent Alex Marrero is cutting dozens of administrator and support jobs to save DPS $9 million.
The state wants Adams 14 to hire help and submit a plan for the district and high school by next month.
The State Board of Education could close Adams 14 schools or reorganize the district. Local leaders instead want the board to trust them to improve education.
An Adams 14 lawsuit that sought to change the rules of next month’s accountability hearing has been dismissed.
The Adams 14 school district has released few details or the names of the finalists, despite interviews being set for Monday.
Adams 14 parents say they’re concerned about overcrowding, lack of transportation, and the loss of community connections if Colorado closes their schools.
Reorganize Adams 14 schools and close at least the high school because the district can’t improve itself, state review panels recommends.
MGT Consulting is leaving the Adams 14 school district effective Friday after months of disagreements with Superintendent Karla Loría.
Colorado’s State Board of Education is rethinking its improvement orders for Adams 14.
Enrollment in Denver Public Schools is declining, and Superintendent Alex Marrero said the cuts are being made “with an eye toward being more effective.”
For the second time in six months, the Adams 14 school board is attempting to sever its relationship with MGT, its state-mandated external manager.
Andre Wright, talked to Chalkbeat about his role and the top needs for Adams 14.
The audit findings — and the dispute over whether they are even valid — raise questions about whether the district and manager can repair their relationship.
Getting more students to read on grade level is key to improving achievement in the struggling Adams 14 district, but delays in the plan have raised concerns.
Adams 14’s lowest-performing elementary school will face new state orders facing a lack of improvement. The state could order closure, among other options.
A progress report prepared for the state details ongoing problems between Adams 14 and its external manager, a month after the groups agreed to work together.
The Adams 14 school district has won back its accreditation after becoming the first district in Colorado to lose it after disputes with external manager
Teachers and administrators describe disorganization as Adams 14 and MGT leaders have been at odds in recent months.
The Adams 14 school district has lost its accreditation over a dispute with its external manager. 
The State Board of Education ordered both parties to find agreement.
Other allegations were substantiated, prompting a censure vote from the board Friday.
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