Coronavirus Colorado

Five students talk about their post-high school plans after four years shaped by the pandemic, racial justice protests, and economic uncertainty.
States like Colorado where kindergarten is voluntary account for a larger share of children missing from the data, a new analysis finds.
The NAEP math decline represented Colorado students’ lowest scores in nearly two decades on the test known as the nation’s report card.
La Epidemióloga del Estado Rachel Herlihy explica cómo debe evolucionar el enfoque de Colorado en cuanto al COVID en las escuelas.
In an interview with Chalkbeat, State Epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy explains why she thinks Colorado’s approach to COVID in schools should evolve.
A new COVID-19 vaccination dashboard shows wide variation among Colorado schools.
In many districts, more families opted for kindergarten this year even if their children were eligible for first grade.
Two bills in the Colorado legislature would make it easier for more retired school employees to go back to work without losing their pension benefits.
With a steep decline in cases, Colorado school districts are making masks optional. Some medical experts say it’s too soon.
After Denver health officials said they would no longer require masks in schools, Colorado’s largest school district said it would stop mandating face coverings too.
The test-to-stay program allows close contacts of people who tested positive for COVID to remain in school if they test negative and feel well.
School nurses in Aurora worry COVID rules don’t protect students enough
Most Colorado districts flagged by the state for using unacceptable reading curriculum have pledged to adopt state-approved programs.
Even with record-high COVID cases, most schools have avoided prolonged remote learning. But it hasn’t been easy.
Colorado student enrollment is slightly up, but still not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.
Students in Adams 14 faced delay and confusion as officials couldn’t agree on when it was safe to return and teachers called in sick.
Federal COVID money along with help from the local school district helped a tiny Colorado charter school launch a lunch program.
Colorado shortens isolation, quarantine periods for schools to match federal guidance
If Denver Public Schools won’t switch to remote learning, the Denver teachers union proposes other ways to keep teachers and students safe.
Colorado schools are welcoming students back amid a record COVID surge. They hope better masks and shorter quarantines will keep doors open.
State officials hope more children get vaccinated, more adults get boosted, and everyone gets tested before returning to the classroom in January.
Colorado child care providers continue to face grave financial challenges as the pandemic drags on, with some taking out loans or selling possessions to make ends meet.
Denver Public Schools will start Thanksgiving break a day early as districts around the metro area struggle with staffing challenges.
School board races are technically nonpartisan, but it didn’t always feel that way this year.
Colorado is mobilizing to vaccinate kids ages 5 to 11 against COVID at schools, museums, and zoos. The campaign could change mask policy.
Colorado is launching a program to offer children and teens free therapy sessions in response to rising mental health struggles.
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