Colorado General Assembly

One school and four districts received grant funding in May to spend this 2023-24 school year.
“We don’t give more fourth grade hours to low-income families,” said Gov. Jared Polis. “I view half-day preschool the same way.”
McAuliffe’s interim principal is on leave as an investigation into the school’s seclusion room continues.
Advocates believe requiring students to fill out the FAFSA would increase the number of Colorado students who go to college after high school.
Colorado’s budget paves the way for ending budget diversions and instead fully funding K-12 education in the 2024-25 school year.
“It’s a huge, complex system, and it’d be naive to think one piece of legislation is going to fix everything,” one state official said.
Both sides agreed to some gun limits, universal mental health screening in schools, and free college for students in in-demand fields.
A single facility school serves all of Colorado’s Western Slope, while rural schools struggle to hire skilled staff. Some children have to cross mountain ranges to get an education.
Proposition HH to cap growth in assessed value of Colorado property could generate revenue for schools — with enough future economic growth.
What happens when public schools can’t or won’t meet kids’ needs — and the wait for a specialized school is weeks or months?
The additional support could help the beleaguered facility school system grow by 40% statewide.
Minnequa Elementary School’s progress comes as many schools are trying to reverse pandemic-era drops in math achievement.
Lawmakers have one week to get their tax relief proposal through the Colorado General Assembly. Then it would be up to voters.
Los que defienden esta iniciativa dicen que los padres que no hablan inglés necesitan tener acceso a documentos en un idioma que entiendan para poder colaborar en la elaboración del plan de educación especial de sus hijos.
Colorado Governor Jared Polis in April signed the bill enabling people to reduce prison sentences by earning a college education.
Special education is in the midst of a staffing crisis. A funding boost in this year’s Colorado budget could provide some relief.
Many school district leaders said they don’t oppose standardized tests, but they think current state tests are more involved than necessary, taking up too much time.
If passed into law, it will extend some protections to students facing expulsion and require hearing officers to undergo training in trauma, adolescent brain development.
“There is no reason for our state to have a rainy day fund if we don’t recognize that we’re in a rainy day,” one state senator said in arguing for more school funding.
The bill could set Colorado on the path to fully funding its schools according to constitutional requirements by 2024-25, the sponsor said.
Proposed law would clarify the burden of proof, require training for expulsion officers, and give families two days to review evidence.
Online math app Zearn is intended to help Colorado students whose learning lagged during the pandemic.
Federal law already protects Native American students’ right to wear regalia at graduation ceremonies. Advocates and tribal leaders say state legislation would ensure school leaders respect those rights.
There’s broad agreement that Colorado’s school accountability system could use some changes. There’s less agreement about what those changes should be.
Colorado budget committee members said a debate about school funding will happen in the coming weeks when the school finance act is introduced.
Healthy Kids Colorado survey finds that a quarter of youth say they could get access to a loaded gun within 24 hours. Most teen gun deaths are suicides.
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