Budget & finance

Sheridan union says higher salaries will help stem the turnover that’s driving families away.
Colorado’s budget paves the way for ending budget diversions and instead fully funding K-12 education in the 2024-25 school year.
Both sides agreed to some gun limits, universal mental health screening in schools, and free college for students in in-demand fields.
Proposition HH to cap growth in assessed value of Colorado property could generate revenue for schools — with enough future economic growth.
Lawmakers have one week to get their tax relief proposal through the Colorado General Assembly. Then it would be up to voters.
Special education is in the midst of a staffing crisis. A funding boost in this year’s Colorado budget could provide some relief.
“There is no reason for our state to have a rainy day fund if we don’t recognize that we’re in a rainy day,” one state senator said in arguing for more school funding.
The bill could set Colorado on the path to fully funding its schools according to constitutional requirements by 2024-25, the sponsor said.
Colorado budget committee members said a debate about school funding will happen in the coming weeks when the school finance act is introduced.
Homeowners may have been better off paying the higher property taxes the district first asked for, the study suggests.
Colorado’s school finance committee recommends increasing special education funding. A broader rewrite of Colorado’s school funding formula could still come later this session.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis delivered the first State of the State of his second term and said he wants to eliminate state withholding of education money by the time he leaves office.
Colorado’s higher education leaders requested more money to help meet inflationary pressures and get students to graduation.
Colorado voters have turned down similar proposals before. Supporters hope the pandemic has helped the public see schools differently.
Long-term budget constraints will influence how much Colorado General Assembly can spend on education.
Polis proposes in 2023-24 providing free training for jobs in education, health care, and construction trades.
Education issues the Colorado legislature may address in 2023 include youth mental health, school safety, and teacher shortages.
School board members were initially shocked at the price and will consider downsizing some projects in January or February.
Past efforts to overhaul Colorado school funding have hit political roadblocks. Could this be the year?
Although both bond measures and mill levy overrides can impact property taxes, they each have different purposes.
Far more Colorado students are enrolled in online schools than before the pandemic, but there isn’t much information about how these schools perform.
Jeffco, Adams 12, Colorado Springs 11, and Greeley-Evans are some of the districts receiving grants.
These Jeffco parents have already been through a school closure. They have advice on how to help your child through the change. It starts with patience and an open ear.
Estos padres ya han experimentado un cierre escolar, y tienen consejos de cómo ayudar a tus hijos durante el cambio. Todo empieza con paciencia y estando dispuestos a escuchar.
By closing 16 elementary schools at the end of this school year, Jeffco hopes to offer better educational experiences at the remaining schools. The board votes in November.
The wage gap between Colorado teachers and other college-educated workers is larger than in any other state, a new study finds.
A new study finds widening gaps between teacher salaries and affordable homeownership. See how your Colorado school district compares.
Colorado school districts can apply for funding to cover electric school buses and charging infrastructure from state or federal programs.
Many Colorado school districts say the fall hiring frenzy is similar to previous years. They’ve raised pay, but competition with the private sector and other districts is stiff.
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