Adams 14 School District

The state’s decision to restore accreditation doesn’t affect its order for reorganizing Adams 14.
Community members usually have weeks to review applicants for board member vacancies. This time, Adams 14 withheld names until the last minute.
These are Colorado’s first school ratings based on complete test results since 2019.
A judge found that Adams 14 doesn’t have the authority to challenge the State Board’s directed action for reorganization.
In one example from two days of court testimony, Adams 14 described sponsors backing out for 16 international teachers who could have served the community’s Spanish-speaking students.
This was the first year Colorado gave the full suite of CMAS tests since 2019. See how your school and district did here.
The Adams 14 school board will accept applications for replacing Ramona Lewis after declaring her board seat vacant.
The state is proposing to fund two applicants’ plans to pay for transportation to some Adams students.
Colorado laws require the state to intervene in low-performing school districts, and list reorganization as an option, but that had never been used before.
Colorado’s State Board of Education asked Adams 14 to begin reorganizing, but in the meantime, asked the district to hire outside help to work on improvement plans.
The Colorado Department of Education is reviewing the two applications and will announce awards by July 1.
La ley les da a las comunidades locales como Adams 14 bastantes opciones para resistir al estado, que ha mandado una reorganización del distrito.
¿Tendrán menos valor los diplomas de Adams 14? ¿Van a cerrar las escuelas? Tenemos respuestas a las preguntas más importantes.
The united front suggests Colorado will face an uphill battle in its efforts to force change on the Adams 14 community.
Colorado’s Adams 14 school district was ordered to start a reorganization process, which begins with forming a committee.
Colorado’s State Board of Ed last month let Adams 14 develop its own improvement plan. Unhappy with the result, members now want to reorganize the district.
Transportation is often a barrier for low-income students who want to use school choice. The State Board of Education may step in because Adams 14 is “in a crisis,” members said.
The state wants Adams 14 to hire help and submit a plan for the district and high school by next month.
The State Board of Education could close Adams 14 schools or reorganize the district. Local leaders instead want the board to trust them to improve education.
The State Board of Education will decide next steps at Central, which is facing intervention after years of low test scores.
Un panel externo recomendó cerrar como mínimo la escuela secundaria principal del Adams 14 y reorganizar el distrito. Muchos padres de Adams 14 la consideran una medida drástica que desplazará a los estudiantes.
An Adams 14 lawsuit that sought to change the rules of next month’s accountability hearing has been dismissed.
The Adams 14 school district has released few details or the names of the finalists, despite interviews being set for Monday.
Adams 14 parents say they’re concerned about overcrowding, lack of transportation, and the loss of community connections if Colorado closes their schools.
Afirmando que el distrito escolar de Adams 14 no puede mejorarse a sí mismo, un panel de revisión estatal ha recomendado cambios drásticos.
Reorganize Adams 14 schools and close at least the high school because the district can’t improve itself, state review panels recommends.
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