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Event: How we can get more Colorado students to — and through — college

The title of an upcoming event, “Two Colorados: How we can get more students to — and through — college” is displayed against a blue background. Next to the words, a photo displays a person walking on a college campus.

Too few students of color and from rural areas graduate college. Join Chalkbeat Colorado and Young Invincibles for a panel discussion with students and teachers on what could help.

Design by Lauren Bryant / Chalkbeat

When it comes to getting a college degree, there are two Colorados. 

Colorado is a highly educated state, yet there are wide disparities in degree attainment among Coloradans. The gaps are greatest for students of color and those from rural communities. 

Join Chalkbeat Colorado on May 18, 4-5 p.m. MT.

Chalkbeat Colorado launched its higher education coverage in 2020. Building off our reporting, we want to host a conversation about the “two Colorados.” What are the barriers preventing students, especially students of color or those from rural backgrounds, from getting to and through higher education? What do students and educators want to see change? What are the success stories that Colorado can learn from?  Come hear students, experts, and educators talk on May 18, 4-5 p.m. MT about these issues and potential solutions.

Join Chalkbeat Colorado and Young Invincibles for a panel discussion with students and teachers. Please RSVP for this event so we’re able to provide the webinar information and hear your ideas for questions. This event is free to attend, but any optional donations will go to support Chalkbeat’s nonprofit journalism and events such as these.

The panel features:

  • Jason Gonzales, the higher education and legislative matters reporter for Chalkbeat Colorado
  • Nicole Cappellino, a first-generation Colombian student studying criminal justice at the University of Colorado Denver
  • Nathan Cadena, Denver Scholarship Foundation’s chief operating officer
  • Cecilia M. Orphan, an associate professor of higher education at the University of Denver and director of partnerships for the Alliance for Research on Regional Colleges
  • Malcom Lovejoy, a senior at Campo High School who is preparing to attend Rice University this fall after graduation
  • Will Simpkins, vice president for student affairs at Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Luis Borrego-Castaneda, graduating student from Colorado School of Mines 
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