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Colorado graduation rates post slight dip amid pandemic

Diplomas sit stacked on a table, waiting to be given to Whitney M. Young Magnet High School graduates.

Graduation rates dropped more on average in Colorado school districts that serve a large number of students in poverty.

Lauren Miller for Chalkbeat

Data from the first graduating class of students to have gone an entire year through the pandemic shows variation and big disparities, but not huge drops in Colorado’s graduation rate.

Statewide, 81.7% of the Class of 2021 graduated on time last spring — slightly down from 81.9% in 2020, according to data published by the Colorado Department of Education Tuesday. Although the dip may be statistically insignificant, it represents the first time in a decade that Colorado’s annual graduation rate didn’t increase. 

“We know how tough it was for everyone last school year due to the challenges brought on by the pandemic with schools going to remote learning and others offering hybrid models,” said Katy Anthes, Colorado’s education commissioner, in a released statement. “It is a relief that the graduation rate is nearly the same as it was the previous year. With the state’s dropout rate also nearly unchanged, it is a concrete display of the dedication and determination of Colorado’s students, parents and teachers, especially during these tough times.”

However, racial disparities increased in the past year with students of color seeing drops in their graduation rates where white students didn’t. Students identified as Indigenous or Hispanic posted the largest drops among racial groups in graduation rates this year. Black students also showed a drop. 

Districts with large portions of students from low-income families also posted drops in their rate compared with last year. In the metro area, Sheridan, Englewood, and Westminster school districts had some of the largest drops, despite all having posted increases in 2020. 

The Denver school district, the largest in the state, posted a 74% graduation rate, just slightly down from 74.6% in 2020. 

In northern Colorado, the Greeley school district managed to continue its upward trend. This year, the district had a graduation rate of 84.1%, up from 82% in 2020, and 81.7% in 2019. 

Deirdre Pilch, the Greeley superintendent, said that increasing graduation rates has been one of her main priorities since she became superintendent in 2015. It’s part of a strategic plan that pre-pandemic included close monitoring of students from their first year of high school. Students who are at high risk of not graduating on time are actually identified in middle school so they can receive additional support.

During the pandemic, the Greeley district that serves nearly 22,000 students — including 70% students of color, and about 66% students who qualify for subsidized lunches, a measure of poverty — met mostly in person, though high school students had hybrid schedules with just two days per week of in-person learning during more than half of the year. 

To keep quarantines to a minimum, the district also switched to a quarter system where high school students only took four classes at a time. And groups of students who had special needs, or those who were learning English as a second language, had more in-person instruction throughout the year.

The spring 2021 semester ended with all students in person five days a week.

“It absolutely had to make a difference,” Pilch said. “Teachers and staff were saying, ‘we need our kids every day, we got to have them every day.’ There’s no question you’re seeing that in this data.”

Despite the win, the Greeley district also had a slight increase in the number of students who dropped out. 

“It’s absolutely the pandemic,” Pilch said. “We’ve gone down mostly every year, we shouldn’t have a slight uptick. Families who were the most impacted suffered the most. There are kids we lost and we don’t know where they went.”

Over the summer, the district used some of its ESSER federal relief dollars to hire two additional attendance advocates to find missing students. Pilch said the two found and re-enrolled nearly 200 K-12 students who had been missing. Now they work to keep those students engaged. 

The small district of Sheridan, which borders southwest Denver, experienced a big drop in its graduation rate. But because the district is so small, the drop represents just a handful of students.

Maegan Daigler, the district’s executive director of assessment and technology, said that Sheridan officials found students at the alternative high school who said they wanted to continue school, but not while the district was in remote learning. Those students may have counted as dropouts, even though they have re-enrolled this school year, Daigler said.

Sheridan now also has a district position dedicated to helping students re-engage and re-enroll in school. The rate of students coming back to school has increased, she said.

Daigler also pointed out that Sheridan has been increasing graduation rates for students who take longer than four years. The six-year graduation rate for Sheridan High School was 100%, she said.

Data manager Duncan Anderson, said Sheridan is in a position to be able to offer individualized planning for each student. The graduation data might help the district continue to do that.

“Acknowledging the pandemic was a real struggle for some students and as a result might need an additional year of high school,” Anderson said.

 Statewide, the rate of students completing high school in five, six, or seven years, has continued to increase. A total of 9.7% of the Class of 2021, or about 6,614 students, remain enrolled and could still finish high school in their fifth, sixth, or seventh year.

Look up your school or district’s four-year rate below:

Colorado graduation rates by school
District School Graduation rate
Mapleton 1 Mapleton Expeditionary School Of The Arts 77.7%
Mapleton 1 Mapleton Early College High School 76.8%
Mapleton 1 Global Leadership Academy 62.5%
Mapleton 1 Academy High School 82.4%
Mapleton 1 York International 88.9%
Mapleton 1 Big Picture College And Career Academy 64.5%
Mapleton 1 Colorado Connections Academy 76.2%
Mapleton 1 North Valley School For Young Adults 47.5%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Vantage Point 42.2%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Stargate Charter School 95.5%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Horizon High School 94.9%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools New America School - Thornton 9.4%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Legacy High School 89.8%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Thornton High School 77.7%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Mountain Range High School 86.7%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Northglenn High School 87.0%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Prospect Ridge Academy 97.7%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Pathways Future Center 51.9%
Adams 12 Five Star Schools Westgate Charter 100.0%
Adams County 14 Lester R Arnold High School 32.2%
Adams County 14 Adams City High School 84.6%
School District 27J Innovations & Options 58.5%
School District 27J Brighton High School 90.1%
School District 27J Bolt Academy 0.0%
School District 27J Eagle Ridge Academy 95.9%
School District 27J Prairie View High School 92.1%
School District 27J Riverdale Ridge High School 93.8%
Bennett 29J Bennett High School 94.2%
Strasburg 31J Prairie Creek High School 55.6%
Strasburg 31J Strasburg High School 91.5%
Westminster Public Schools Summer District Dropouts 0.0%
Westminster Public Schools Hidden Lake High School 31.7%
Westminster Public Schools Westminster High School 80.3%
Alamosa RE-11J Alamosa High School 79.0%
Alamosa RE-11J Alamosa Online 66.7%
Alamosa RE-11J Alamosa Ombudsman School Of Excellence 0.0%
Sangre De Cristo Re-22J Sangre De Cristo Undivided High School 100.0%
Englewood 1 Colorado'S Finest High School Of Choice 21.1%
Englewood 1 Englewood High School 81.5%
Sheridan 2 Sheridan High School 90.8%
Sheridan 2 Soar Academy 24.3%
Cherry Creek 5 Cherry Creek Elevation 82.8%
Cherry Creek 5 Cherokee Trail High School 95.0%
Cherry Creek 5 Cherry Creek High School 95.2%
Cherry Creek 5 Cherry Creek Charter Academy 0.0%
Cherry Creek 5 Eaglecrest High School 93.0%
Cherry Creek 5 Endeavor Academy 47.6%
Cherry Creek 5 Grandview High School 93.2%
Cherry Creek 5 Options School 0.0%
Cherry Creek 5 Overland High School 85.6%
Cherry Creek 5 Smoky Hill High School 91.6%
Littleton 6 Arapahoe High School 93.4%
Littleton 6 Heritage High School 92.3%
Littleton 6 Littleton High School 83.4%
Deer Trail 26J Deer Trail Junior-Senior High School 76.5%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Aps Online School 0.0%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Aurora Central High School 67.8%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Empower Community High School 0.0%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Gateway High School 66.6%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Hinkley High School 70.0%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Lotus School For Excellence 91.5%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Options School 0.0%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Rangeview High School 85.9%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J William Smith High School 96.8%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Vista Peak 9-12 Preparatory 78.8%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Vanguard Classical School - East 73.9%
Adams-Arapahoe 28J Aurora West College Preparatory Academy 97.7%
Byers 32J Byers Junior-Senior High School 91.9%
Byers 32J Colorado Virtual Academy High School 57.0%
Byers 32J Astravo Academy High School 39.4%
Byers 32J Astravo Online Academy High School 48.1%
Archuleta County 50 Jt San Juan Mountain School 70.0%
Archuleta County 50 Jt Pagosa Springs High School 100.0%
Walsh RE-1 Walsh High School 100.0%
Pritchett RE-3 Pritchett High School 60.0%
Springfield RE-4 Springfield Junior/Senior High School 90.5%
Vilas RE-5 Vilas Undivided High School 57.1%
Campo RE-6 Campo Undivided High School 100.0%
Las Animas RE-1 Aim Global 48.1%
Las Animas RE-1 Immersion Schools Science Technology Arts 78.1%
Las Animas RE-1 Las Animas High School 91.7%
McClave Re-2 Mcclave Undivided High School 100.0%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Apex Home School Enrichment Program 0.0%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Erie High School 95.1%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Frederick Senior High School 86.0%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Longmont High School 91.7%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Lyons Middle/Senior High School 100.0%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Mead High School 93.5%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Niwot High School 97.7%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Olde Columbine High School 61.5%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Silver Creek High School 94.8%
St Vrain Valley RE1J St. Vrain Global Online Academy 69.0%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Skyline High School 82.6%
St Vrain Valley RE1J Twin Peaks Charter Academy 100.0%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Arapahoe Ridge High School 49.1%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Boulder High School 95.9%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Boulder Universal 79.5%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Boulder Prep Charter High School 33.3%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Broomfield High School 96.1%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Centaurus High School 91.4%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Fairview High School 98.1%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Halcyon School (Special Education) 0.0%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Justice High Charter School 30.0%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Monarch High School 96.4%
Boulder Valley Re 2 New Vista High School 89.3%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Nederland Middle-Senior High School 68.6%
Boulder Valley Re 2 Peak To Peak Charter School 99.3%
Buena Vista R-31 Buena Vista High School 94.7%
Buena Vista R-31 Chaffee County High School 63.6%
Salida R-32 Horizons Exploratory Academy 55.6%
Salida R-32 Salida High School 92.7%
Kit Carson R-1 Kit Carson Junior-Senior High School 100.0%
Cheyenne County Re-5 Cheyenne Wells Junior/High School 100.0%
Clear Creek RE-1 Clear Creek High School 86.0%
North Conejos RE-1J Centauri High School 98.4%
North Conejos RE-1J North Conejos Alternative Program 75.0%
Sanford 6J Sanford Junior/Senior High School 92.9%
South Conejos RE-10 Antonito High School 100.0%
Centennial R-1 Centennial School 78.6%
Sierra Grande R-30 Sierra Grande K-12 School 92.3%
Crowley County RE-1-J Crowley County Junior And Senior High School 76.5%
Custer County School District C-1 Custer County High School 89.7%
Delta County 50(J) Achieve Blended Learning Academy 0.0%
Delta County 50(J) Cedaredge High School 90.7%
Delta County 50(J) Grand Mesa Choice Academy 25.0%
Delta County 50(J) Delta High School 96.5%
Delta County 50(J) Vision Charter Academy 75.9%
Delta County 50(J) Hotchkiss High School 86.7%
Delta County 50(J) Paonia High School 91.9%
Denver County 1 Abraham Lincoln High School 68.5%
Denver County 1 Ridge View Academy Charter School 1.2%
Denver County 1 Aul Denver 33.3%
Denver County 1 Collegiate Preparatory Academy 79.4%
Denver County 1 Career Education Center Early College 95.4%
Denver County 1 Compassion Road Academy 38.6%
Denver County 1 Dsst: Conservatory Green High School 97.7%
Denver County 1 Colorado High School Charter - Ges 25.6%
Denver County 1 Colorado High School Charter 31.7%
Denver County 1 Ace Community Challenge School 0.0%
Denver County 1 Dsst: Green Valley Ranch High School 92.1%
Denver County 1 Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School 100.0%
Denver County 1 Dsst: Cole High School 78.6%
Denver County 1 Denver Center For International Studies 89.2%
Denver County 1 Denver School Of The Arts 98.1%
Denver County 1 Dsst: Montview High School 91.6%
Denver County 1 Denver Center For 21st-Century Learning At Wyman 50.7%
Denver County 1 Dcis At Montbello 70.4%
Denver County 1 Dsst: Byers High School 96.0%
Denver County 1 Denver School Of Innovation And Sustainable Design 80.0%
Denver County 1 Dsst: College View High School 90.7%
Denver County 1 East High School 93.4%
Denver County 1 Excel Academy 25.8%
Denver County 1 Emily Griffith High School 11.4%
Denver County 1 Venture Prep High School 0.0%
Denver County 1 Northeast Early College 75.7%
Denver County 1 5280 High School 25.0%
Denver County 1 Florence Crittenton High School 11.1%
Denver County 1 George Washington High School 84.7%
Denver County 1 Girls Athletic Leadership School High School 86.2%
Denver County 1 Delta High School 60.8%
Denver County 1 John F Kennedy High School 79.5%
Denver County 1 Denver Justice High School 34.8%
Denver County 1 Kipp Northeast Denver Leadership Academy 87.8%
Denver County 1 Kipp Denver Collegiate High School 88.8%
Denver County 1 Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy 97.8%
Denver County 1 Legacy Options High School 13.1%
Denver County 1 Manual High School 74.6%
Denver County 1 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College 69.0%
Denver County 1 Contemporary Learning Academy 40.8%
Denver County 1 Noel Community Arts School 73.3%
Denver County 1 North High School Engagement Center 31.9%
Denver County 1 North High School 91.7%
Denver County 1 Bruce Randolph School 79.5%
Denver County 1 Northfield High School 95.0%
Denver County 1 Denver Online High School 58.3%
Denver County 1 Prep Academy 72.2%
Denver County 1 Montbello Career And Technical High School 37.0%
Denver County 1 Respect Academy 52.9%
Denver County 1 Riseup Community School 30.8%
Denver County 1 Strive Prep - Rise 86.7%
Denver County 1 South High School 90.8%
Denver County 1 Early College Of Denver 0.0%
Denver County 1 Summit Academy 50.0%
Denver County 1 Strive Prep - Excel 0.0%
Denver County 1 Thomas Jefferson High School 91.6%
Denver County 1 Vista Academy 67.1%
Denver County 1 Strive Prep - Smart Academy 84.8%
Denver County 1 West Early College 70.7%
Denver County 1 West Leadership Academy 83.9%
Dolores County RE No.2 Dove Creek High School 95.0%
Douglas County Re 1 Ascent Classical Academy 0.0%
Douglas County Re 1 Daniel C Oakes High School--Castle Rock 29.9%
Douglas County Re 1 Castle View High School 96.0%
Douglas County Re 1 Chaparral High School 92.8%
Douglas County Re 1 Cloverleaf Home Education 0.0%
Douglas County Re 1 Douglas County High School 92.0%
Douglas County Re 1 Eagle Academy 47.3%
Douglas County Re 1 Highlands Ranch High School 91.8%
Douglas County Re 1 Hope Online Learning Academy High School 46.2%
Douglas County Re 1 Legend High School 94.6%
Douglas County Re 1 Stem School Highlands Ranch 92.9%
Douglas County Re 1 Edcsd 95.5%
Douglas County Re 1 Mountain Vista High School 97.3%
Douglas County Re 1 Skyview Academy 92.5%
Douglas County Re 1 Ponderosa High School 95.0%
Douglas County Re 1 Renaissance Secondary School 93.1%
Douglas County Re 1 Rock Canyon High School 96.8%
Douglas County Re 1 Thunderridge High School 95.0%
Eagle County RE 50 Red Canyon High School 36.0%
Eagle County RE 50 Battle Mountain High School 93.4%
Eagle County RE 50 Eagle Valley High School 93.6%
Eagle County RE 50 Vail Ski And Snowboard Academy (Vssa) 100.0%
Eagle County RE 50 World Academy 36.4%
Elizabeth School District Elizabeth High School 88.2%
Elizabeth School District Frontier High School 57.1%
Kiowa C-2 Kiowa High School 100.0%
Big Sandy 100J Simla High School 79.2%
Elbert 200 Elbert Junior-Senior High School 100.0%
Agate 300 Agate Junior Senior High School 0.0%
Calhan RJ-1 Calhan Secondary School 100.0%
Harrison 2 Atlas Preparatory High School 85.4%
Harrison 2 Harrison High School 76.0%
Harrison 2 Career Readiness Academy 60.0%
Harrison 2 James Irwin Charter High School 96.4%
Harrison 2 Mountain Vista Homeschool Academy 0.0%
Harrison 2 Sierra High School 78.8%
Widefield 3 Mesa Ridge High School 83.3%
Widefield 3 Discovery High School 16.7%
Widefield 3 Widefield High School 79.0%
Fountain 8 Welte Education Center 47.2%
Fountain 8 Fountain-Fort Carson High School 91.0%
Colorado Springs 11 Achieve Online 59.1%
Colorado Springs 11 The Bijou School 54.5%
Colorado Springs 11 Civa Charter Academy 63.6%
Colorado Springs 11 Coronado High School 81.3%
Colorado Springs 11 Community Prep Charter School 23.0%
Colorado Springs 11 Doherty High School 84.8%
Colorado Springs 11 Odyssey Early College And Career Options 69.4%
Colorado Springs 11 Nikola Tesla Education Opportunity Center 44.7%
Colorado Springs 11 Eastlake High School Of Colorado Springs 8.2%
Colorado Springs 11 Mitchell High School 58.6%
Colorado Springs 11 Palmer High School 73.6%
Cheyenne Mountain 12 Cheyenne Mountain High School 96.5%
Cheyenne Mountain 12 The Vanguard School (High) 96.6%
Manitou Springs 14 Manitou Springs High School 96.0%
Academy 20 Air Academy High School 95.0%
Academy 20 Village High School 87.9%
Academy 20 Aspen Valley Campus 87.5%
Academy 20 Home School Academy 0.0%
Academy 20 The Classical Academy High School 97.1%
Academy 20 Discovery Canyon Campus High School 94.6%
Academy 20 Liberty High School 90.5%
Academy 20 Pine Creek High School 95.7%
Academy 20 Rampart High School 93.1%
Academy 20 Tca College Pathways 92.8%
Ellicott 22 Ellicott Senior High School 84.4%
Peyton 23 Jt Peyton Online Academy 80.0%
Peyton 23 Jt Peyton College Academy 33.3%
Peyton 23 Jt Peyton Senior High School 94.3%
Hanover 28 Hanover Junior-Senior High School 70.0%
Hanover 28 Hanover Online Academy 50.0%
Lewis-Palmer 38 Lewis-Palmer High School 97.0%
Lewis-Palmer 38 Palmer Ridge High School 93.1%
District 49 Falcon Homeschool Program 0.0%
District 49 Rocky Mountain Classical Academy Homeschool 0.0%
District 49 Banning Lewis Ranch Academy 87.5%
District 49 Springs Studio For Academic Excellence 90.3%
District 49 Falcon High School 89.8%
District 49 Goal Academy 31.3%
District 49 Power Technical Early College 88.0%
District 49 Patriot High School 33.3%
District 49 Pikes Peak Early College 60.4%
District 49 Rocky Mountain Classical Academy 0.0%
District 49 Sand Creek High School 85.6%
District 49 Vista Ridge High School 95.2%
Edison 54 JT Edison Prep 81.8%
Edison 54 JT Edison Junior-Senior High School 100.0%
Miami/Yoder 60 JT Miami-Yoder Middle/High School 94.4%
Canon City RE-1 Canon City High School 87.4%
Fremont RE-2 Florence Jr./Sr. High School 80.2%
Cotopaxi RE-3 Cotopaxi Junior-Senior High School 85.7%
Roaring Fork RE-1 Basalt High School 81.1%
Roaring Fork RE-1 Bridges 54.7%
Roaring Fork RE-1 Glenwood Springs High School 91.8%
Roaring Fork RE-1 Roaring Fork High School 94.3%
Garfield Re-2 Coal Ridge High School 85.0%
Garfield Re-2 Rifle High School 81.9%
Garfield 16 Grand Valley High School 87.7%
Gilpin County RE-1 Gilpin County Undivided High School 100.0%
West Grand 1-JT West Grand High School 96.6%
East Grand 2 Middle Park High School 88.0%
Gunnison Watershed RE1J Crested Butte Secondary School 98.6%
Gunnison Watershed RE1J Gunnison High School 92.1%
Gunnison Watershed RE1J Marble Charter School 0.0%
Hinsdale County RE 1 Lake City Community School 100.0%
Huerfano Re-1 John Mall High School 87.9%
La Veta Re-2 La Veta Junior-Senior High School 76.9%
North Park R-1 North Park School 87.5%
Jefferson County R-1 Mclain Community High School 20.1%
Jefferson County R-1 Alameda International Junior/Senior High School 86.1%
Jefferson County R-1 Arvada High School 73.9%
Jefferson County R-1 Arvada West High School 94.4%
Jefferson County R-1 Bear Creek High School 93.8%
Jefferson County R-1 Brady Exploration School 11.5%
Jefferson County R-1 Addenbrooke Classical Academy 90.7%
Jefferson County R-1 Chatfield High School 94.7%
Jefferson County R-1 Columbine High School 94.2%
Jefferson County R-1 Compass Montessori - Golden Charter School 93.3%
Jefferson County R-1 Conifer Senior High School 98.6%
Jefferson County R-1 Dakota Ridge Senior High School 93.7%
Jefferson County R-1 D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School 100.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Evergreen High School 98.6%
Jefferson County R-1 Golden View Classical Academy 0.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Golden High School 96.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Green Mountain High School 93.8%
Jefferson County R-1 Jefferson Academy 80.6%
Jefferson County R-1 Jeffco Virtual Academy 50.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Jefferson Academy High School 98.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Jefferson Junior/Senior High School 82.9%
Jefferson County R-1 Connections Learning Center On The Earle Johnson Campus 0.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Lakewood High School 91.7%
Jefferson County R-1 Rocky Mountain Deaf School 66.7%
Jefferson County R-1 Longview High School 42.9%
Jefferson County R-1 Miller Special Education 33.3%
Jefferson County R-1 New America School 9.6%
Jefferson County R-1 Jefferson County Open Secondary 68.6%
Jefferson County R-1 Pomona High School 86.6%
Jefferson County R-1 Ralston Valley Senior High School 97.5%
Jefferson County R-1 Collegiate Academy Of Colorado 88.6%
Jefferson County R-1 Sobesky Academy 76.9%
Jefferson County R-1 Standley Lake High School 87.3%
Jefferson County R-1 Two Roads Charter School 100.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Warren Tech Central 0.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Warren Tech North 0.0%
Jefferson County R-1 Wheat Ridge High School 82.9%
Eads RE-1 Eads High School 100.0%
Plainview RE-2 Plainview Junior-Senior High School 66.7%
Arriba-Flagler C-20 Flagler Public School 81.3%
Hi-Plains R-23 Hi-Plains School District R-23 100.0%
Stratton R-4 Stratton Senior High School 90.0%
Bethune R-5 Bethune Public Schools 87.5%
Burlington RE-6J Burlington High School 80.9%
Lake County R-1 Cloud City High School 60.0%
Lake County R-1 Lake County High School 75.4%
Durango 9-R Colorado Connections Academy @ Durango 60.3%
Durango 9-R Durango High School 94.6%
Durango 9-R Durango Big Picture High School 45.8%
Bayfield 10 Jt-R Bayfield High School 84.5%
Ignacio 11 JT Ignacio High School 62.9%
Poudre R-1 Summer District Dropouts 0.0%
Poudre R-1 Ridgeview Classical Charter Schools 90.0%
Poudre R-1 Compass Community Collaborative School 73.7%
Poudre R-1 Fort Collins High School 78.9%
Poudre R-1 Fossil Ridge High School 94.2%
Poudre R-1 Centennial High School 20.3%
Poudre R-1 Liberty Common Charter School 96.1%
Poudre R-1 Polaris Expeditionary Learning School 91.2%
Poudre R-1 Poudre High School 82.1%
Poudre R-1 Poudre Community Academy 43.7%
Poudre R-1 Psd Global Academy 57.1%
Poudre R-1 Rocky Mountain High School 86.1%
Thompson R2-J Berthoud High School 90.0%
Thompson R2-J Leap School 0.0%
Thompson R2-J Loveland Classical School 94.1%
Thompson R2-J Loveland High School 88.5%
Thompson R2-J Mountain View High School 88.0%
Thompson R2-J Thompson Valley High School 84.7%
Thompson R2-J Harold Ferguson High School 36.1%
Estes Park R-3 Estes Park Options School 0.0%
Estes Park R-3 Estes Park High School 87.5%
Trinidad 1 Trinidad High School 79.2%
Primero Reorganized 2 Primero Junior-Senior High School 100.0%
Hoehne Reorganized 3 Hoehne Schools 100.0%
Aguilar Reorganized 6 Aguilar Junior-Senior High School 100.0%
Branson Reorganized 82 Branson School Online 82.4%
Branson Reorganized 82 Branson School 100.0%
Kim Reorganized 88 Kim Undivided High School 100.0%
Genoa-Hugo C113 Genoa-Hugo School 100.0%
Limon RE-4J Limon Junior-Senior High School 90.3%
Karval RE-23 Karval Junior-Senior High School 50.0%
Valley RE-1 Caliche Junior-Senior High School 94.1%
Valley RE-1 Sterling High School 87.7%
Frenchman RE-3 Fleming High School 100.0%
Buffalo RE-4J Merino Junior Senior High School 83.3%
Plateau RE-5 Peetz Junior-Senior High School 83.3%
De Beque 49JT De Beque Pk-12 School District 49jt 85.7%
Plateau Valley 50 Grand Mesa High School 22.9%
Plateau Valley 50 Plateau Valley High School 88.9%
Mesa County Valley 51 Fruita 8/9 School 0.0%
Mesa County Valley 51 Central High School 85.3%
Mesa County Valley 51 Gateway School 100.0%
Mesa County Valley 51 Grand Junction High School 84.2%
Mesa County Valley 51 Grand River Academy 56.4%
Mesa County Valley 51 Juniper Ridge Community School 0.0%
Mesa County Valley 51 Mesa Valley Community School 95.8%
Mesa County Valley 51 Fruita Monument High School 91.9%
Mesa County Valley 51 Palisade High School 86.3%
Mesa County Valley 51 R-5 High School 44.4%
Creede School District Creede School 100.0%
Moffat County RE: No 1 Moffat County High School 83.1%
Montezuma-Cortez RE-1 Montezuma-Cortez High School 77.7%
Montezuma-Cortez RE-1 Southwest Open Charter School 36.7%
Dolores RE-4A Dolores Secondary School 85.3%
Mancos Re-6 Mancos High School 96.8%
Montrose County RE-1J Montrose High School 83.7%
Montrose County RE-1J Peak Virtual Academy 95.5%
Montrose County RE-1J Olathe High School 86.8%
Montrose County RE-1J Vista Charter School 41.5%
West End RE-2 Nucla High School 88.2%
West End RE-2 Paradox Valley Charter School 50.0%
Brush RE-2(J) Brush High School 88.1%
Fort Morgan Re-3 Fort Morgan High School 82.7%
Fort Morgan Re-3 Lincoln High School 21.4%
Weldon Valley RE-20(J) Weldon Valley Jr/Sr High School 100.0%
Wiggins RE-50(J) Wiggins High School 87.5%
East Otero R-1 La Junta Jr/Sr High School 92.0%
East Otero R-1 Tiger Trades Academy 81.8%
Rocky Ford R-2 Rocky Ford Junior/Senior High School 90.2%
Manzanola 3J Manzanola Junior-Senior High School 83.3%
Fowler R-4J Fowler High School 89.7%
Cheraw 31 Cheraw School 100.0%
Swink 33 Swink Junior-Senior High School 96.3%
Ouray R-1 Ouray Senior High School 92.9%
Ridgway R-2 Ridgway High School 96.2%
Platte Canyon 1 Platte Canyon High School 72.9%
Park County RE-2 South Park High School 82.9%
Holyoke Re-1J Holyoke Alternative School 76.5%
Holyoke Re-1J Holyoke Senior High School 86.4%
Haxtun RE-2J Haxtun High School 100.0%
Aspen 1 Aspen High School 96.2%
Granada RE-1 Granada Undivided High School 100.0%
Lamar Re-2 Lamar High School 96.7%
Holly RE-3 Holly School 81.8%
Wiley RE-13 Jt Wiley Junior-Senior High School 92.9%
Pueblo City 60 Centennial High School 85.5%
Pueblo City 60 Central High School 92.5%
Pueblo City 60 Chavez/Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy 86.7%
Pueblo City 60 East High School 78.9%
Pueblo City 60 Paragon Learning Center 33.6%
Pueblo City 60 South High School 84.1%
Pueblo County 70 70 Online 67.1%
Pueblo County 70 Pueblo County High School 95.6%
Pueblo County 70 Pueblo West High School 93.3%
Pueblo County 70 Rye High School 87.2%
Pueblo County 70 Swallows Charter Academy High School 100.0%
Meeker RE-1 Meeker High School 97.9%
Rangely RE-4 Rangely Junior/Senior High School 90.9%
Upper Rio Grande School District C-7 Del Norte High Jr./Sr. High School 88.5%
Monte Vista C-8 Byron Syring Delta Center 29.0%
Monte Vista C-8 Monte Vista Senior High School 98.4%
Monte Vista C-8 Monte Vista On-Line Academy 53.3%
Sargent RE-33J Sargent Senior High School 100.0%
Hayden RE-1 Hayden High School 96.2%
Steamboat Springs RE-2 Steamboat Springs High School 94.8%
Steamboat Springs RE-2 Yampa Valley High School 58.3%
South Routt RE 3 Soroco High School 100.0%
Mountain Valley RE 1 Mountain Valley School 85.7%
Moffat 2 Crestone Charter School 88.9%
Moffat 2 Moffat Prek-12 School 90.0%
Center 26 JT The Academic Recovery Center Of San Luis Valley 25.0%
Center 26 JT Center Virtual Academy 37.5%
Center 26 JT Center High School 83.3%
Silverton 1 Silverton High School 100.0%
Telluride R-1 Telluride High School 96.6%
Norwood R-2J Norwood Public Schools 100.0%
Julesburg Re-1 Destinations Career Academy Of Colorado 91.4%
Julesburg Re-1 Julesburg High School 100.0%
Revere School District Revere Junior-Senior High School 72.7%
Summit RE-1 Snowy Peaks Junior/Senior High School 81.3%
Summit RE-1 Summit High School 90.3%
Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1 Cripple Creek-Victor Junior-Senior High School 57.1%
Woodland Park Re-2 Woodland Park High School 77.8%
Akron R-1 Akron High School 81.8%
Arickaree R-2 Arickaree Undivided High School 100.0%
Otis R-3 Otis Junior-Senior High School 91.7%
Lone Star 101 Lone Star Undivided High School 88.2%
Woodlin R-104 Woodlin Undivided High School 66.7%
Weld County RE-1 Valley High School 93.9%
Eaton RE-2 Eaton High School 95.8%
Weld County School District RE-3J Weld Central Senior High School 88.6%
Windsor RE-4 Windsor Charter Academy Early College High School 96.6%
Windsor RE-4 Inspire4 K-12 Online School 73.5%
Windsor RE-4 Windsor High School 91.3%
Johnstown-Milliken RE-5J Roosevelt High School 85.0%
Greeley 6 Frontier Charter Academy 98.8%
Greeley 6 Early College Academy 100.0%
Greeley 6 University Schools 97.4%
Greeley 6 Greeley Central High School 90.4%
Greeley 6 Greeley West High School 91.0%
Greeley 6 Jefferson Junior/Senior High 50.6%
Greeley 6 Northridge High School 93.1%
Greeley 6 Union Colony Preparatory School 100.0%
Platte Valley RE-7 Platte Valley High School 93.9%
Weld Re-8 Schools Fort Lupton High School 91.2%
Ault-Highland RE-9 Highland Middle School 0.0%
Ault-Highland RE-9 Highland High School 87.1%
Briggsdale RE-10 Briggsdale Undivided High School 100.0%
Prairie RE-11 Prairie Junior-Senior High School 100.0%
Pawnee RE-12 Pawnee School Pk-12 100.0%
Yuma 1 Yuma High School 89.3%
Wray RD-2 Wray Junior Senior High School 81.5%
Idalia RJ-3 Idalia Junior-Senior High School 100.0%
Liberty J-4 Liberty School 100.0%
Charter School Institute Academy Of Charter Schools 93.9%
Charter School Institute Frontier Charter Academy 0.0%
Charter School Institute Animas High School 82.5%
Charter School Institute Ascent Classical Academy 85.7%
Charter School Institute Caprock Academy 100.0%
Charter School Institute Colorado Early Colleges Windsor 0.0%
Charter School Institute Colorado Military Academy 0.0%
Charter School Institute Colorado Early Colleges Aurora 53.1%
Charter School Institute Colorado Springs Early Colleges 57.6%
Charter School Institute Colorado Early College Fort Collins 57.0%
Charter School Institute Colorado Early Colleges Douglas County 58.6%
Charter School Institute Early College Of Arvada 80.9%
Charter School Institute Golden View Classical Academy 96.7%
Charter School Institute New America School - Thornton 0.0%
Charter School Institute Launch High School 86.7%
Charter School Institute New America School - Lowry 27.5%
Charter School Institute New Legacy Charter School 16.7%
Charter School Institute The Pinnacle Charter School 96.2%
Charter School Institute Thomas Maclaren State Charter School 98.3%
Charter School Institute Pikes Peak Prep 0.0%
Charter School Institute Victory Preparatory Academy High State Charter School 96.0%
Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind Colorado School For The Deaf And Blind 92.3%
Centennial BOCES Centennial Boces High School 34.5%
Centennial BOCES Innovative Connections High School 41.2%
San Juan BOCES Southwest Colorado Eschool 88.9%
Expeditionary BOCES Rocky Mountain School Of Expeditionary Learning 80.0%
Education reEnvisioned BOCES Colorado Preparatory Academy High School 75.0%
Education reEnvisioned BOCES Pikes Peak Online School 49.4%
Education reEnvisioned BOCES Rocky Mountain Digital Academy 0.0%
Colorado River BOCES Yampah Mountain School 56.4%

The Latest
Las clases de idioma ayudan a los estudiantes de Denver a hablar con sus abuelos, leer literatura y conseguir trabajo .
Colorado’s new strategic plan wants higher education to pave the way for students to get good jobs that earn them better wages.
El estado y algunos distritos escolares han puesto en marcha programas para facilitar que los estudiantes busquen terapia para sus problemas de salud mental.
More Black and Hispanic Colorado residents hold a college degree even though the state as a whole lost some ground, according to a new report.
The first application window for Colorado’s new free preschool program runs from Jan. 17 to Feb. 14.
The redistricting process is already underway, and Denver Public Schools is seeking feedback on four potential maps.