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Coming Monday: A fresh new way to see Chalkbeat stories — in context

Exciting news: Chalkbeat is about to get a new and improved homepage! And since we know many of you don’t feel your day has really begun until you visit Chalkbeat, we want to give you the very first heads up before the changes launch Monday.

A little about what to expect: We’re starting small and plan to roll out more improvements in the months to come. Your local homepage won’t change — you’ll still be able to get all of your Colorado education news right here. But now, for the first time ever, we’ll have a national homepage, too.

That new national page, Chalkbeat.org, is where you’ll be able to find the best stories from all our Chalkbeat locations (now including Detroit.). You can also follow Chalkbeat on Facebook and Twitter to find the most interesting developments in educational equity from across our locations.

The new national homepage is a direct response to requests from readers. Some readers are devoted Colorado community members who want an easier way to learn from other locations where Chalkbeat exists. Others live in places where Chalkbeat doesn’t exist (not yet at least), but still want to follow our coverage from Colorado, Indiana, New York, Tennessee, and now Detroit. We hope we’re serving these needs better starting today.

Another change: You’ll be able to see — and search — Chalkbeat by topic more easily, to find the latest updates on, say, state testing, all across the country. You’ll also have more opportunities to connect local stories to the big national picture, thanks to better options we’re offering about which stories to read next.

We’re not stopping here. The new homepage is just one step in our ongoing evolution to better serve our readers and the story we cover. To do that we’ll need to continue learning from you. Please take this survey to let us know what you’d like to see us do next — and please come back on Monday to see our new homepage in action.

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