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A student at Mapleton High School in 2015.

A student at Mapleton High School in 2015.

Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post

Mapleton school district tax measure wins approval

A tax measure to improve buildings in the Mapleton School District north of Denver has been approved — and narrowly avoided a recount — in unofficial final returns.

The district’s $150 million bond measure was too close to call, and the outcome was not certain until Adams County clerks finished counting outstanding ballots Friday morning.

The final tally, which is expected to be made official Monday, left the bond measure passing by 74 votes. The margin between those who voted in support, 50.3 percent, and those who voted against, 49.6 percent, was .64 of a percent.

That fell short of the margin needed to trigger a recount. Under state law, votes must be counted again if the difference between the “yes” and “no” votes is less than or equal to one-half of 1 percent of the winning vote total. In this case, that would have been a 29-vote difference.

A social media post from the committee working to pass the tax measures claimed victory and thanked voters Thursday night.

“Thank you for investing in Mapleton students!!” the post read.

The bond money will be used for improvements at school buildings and for a new school in the new Midtown development. About $12.9 million from the bond will be used to provide a match for a state grant that will replace Adventure Elementary with a new school.

The district’s request for a mill levy override — another property tax increase — passed more easily with 54.6 percent of votes in support and 45.3 percent in opposition. That money will be used to attract and retain teachers and for “classroom materials and equipment.”

Request for a bond and mill levy override for Mapleton schools had failed in 2014.