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Readers: Keep student health survey as is

On Monday we asked our readers: Do you think Colorado parents should have to give advance written permission for their children to participate in the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey?


The results are in, and Chalkbeat readers overwhelmingly said no.

In our — very — unscientific poll, nearly 63 percent of readers said the current system is fine and that parents should have to opt out of the survey.

Bob Eber left this comment on our website: “There is no personal information such as name, etc. on it. It is totally anonymous. I see nothing wrong if the kids want to do it. I just wish they would be honest in their answers, because I don’t think they are most of the time.”

Meanwhile, 37 percent said parents should have to give explicit permission.

“Parents should always need to give their permission where a minor is concerned,” wrote Lisa Sanborn. “If this survey has changed then all the more reason not to keep us out of the loop. Information gathering is becoming too invasive and more excessive every year.”

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