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Talk to us: What can Colorado do to lower preschool suspension rates?

Last week we reported that in Colorado, there’s a growing push to establish state policies and data collection methods around preschool expulsion.

National data shows that boys and minorities are disproportionality suspended from preschool. And the limited state data that exists indicates that young children are expelled from preschool and child care at higher rates than K-12 students are from their schools.

Early childhood stakeholders agree that even with new policies and data collection mechanisms, any expulsion strategy must include training and supports for service providers.

That brings us to our question of the week: What strategies should the state roll out to decrease the number of suspensions and expulsions in preschool?

Each week, we ask readers a question about a timely or timeless question about their experiences in education. Readers who want to share their opinions should leave a response in the comment section below, tweet us @ChalkbeatCO, send an email, or leave a comment on our Facebook wall. Every Friday we round up the responses. Here’s last week’s.

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