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Find out how well your school and district did on the 2015 PARCC exam

The Colorado Department of Education on Friday morning released district- and school-level results from the first round of PARCC tests students took in the spring.

The results from the new and more challenging English and math tests, as expected, were bleak. But state officials cautioned not to worry.

You can read our coverage of the release here.

Not sure what PARCC is or how the tests are different? Check out this explainer here.

State officials also released full and accurate PARCC participation figures for each district and school, which you can search below. The release was delayed a few hours after state officials say they discovered potential errors in the calculation of participation rates on some tests at more than 150 schools in 21 districts.

Editor’s note: Some rows in the performance database are blank. That’s due to a change in the way the Colorado Department of Education publicly released test score data this year.

In instances where there are fewer than three students in a category — such as the number of students who met or exceeded expectations or the number of students who didn’t — the department obscured the data.

As a result, those categories appear blank in our database.

The reason, state officials said, was to protect the privacy of individual students so that someone with knowledge of a particular school or group of kids wouldn’t be able to identify who the students in that category are.

District and school data

Participation data