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Talk to us: What education issue shouldn’t be overlooked by Colorado lawmakers?

The Colorado General Assembly will begin a new session Wednesday. Funding and testing are likely going to be the sessions hot-button and most-watched education issues. Some lawmakers also plan on taking a close look at how schools report violence to the state and parents. We’ll have a preview of the session later this week.

But this week’s question of week wonders: what other, maybe more under-the-radar, education issues should the Colorado General Assembly take on? And what should they do about it? 

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Each Monday, we ask readers a question about a timely or timeless question about their experiences in education. Readers who want to share their opinions should leave a response in the comment section below, tweet us @ChalkbeatCO, send an email, or leave a comment on our Facebook wall. Every Friday we round up the responses. Here’s last week’s.