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Chalkbeat wants to know: Teachers, how much are you spending on your classroom?

As a student, I spent all summer looking forward to one thing: back to school shopping. One fall, I bought so many new classroom supplies, I had two backpacks. Yes, I was a nerd. Yes, I am still a nerd.

For me, buying new supplies was a luxury. For many teachers it may be a burden.

According to the National School Supply and Equipment Association, the average teacher in 2013 spent nearly $500 of their own money to outfit their classroom and equip their students with the needed paper, crayons, and glue sticks. In total, more than $1 billion was collectively spent by teachers the year before.

As teachers face increasing pressures (new standards, assessments, and evaluations), Chalkbeat wants to know if your buying habits are changing because of these efforts to better student achievement.

Please take a few moments to fill out the survey below. While your answers will be aggregated to inform a story later this month, your personal information will remain confidential unless explicit permission is granted in a follow-up interview.