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Report: City teachers missed few school days despite floods

Despite intense floods that shut down parts of Colorado, Denver teachers missed fewer days of school than most other large school districts across the country.

Denver Public Schools, included in a 40-district study by the National Council on Teacher Quality, had the 12th fewest teacher absences during the 2013-2014 school year.

In Denver, the average number of school days teachers missed was 9.25, placing the district at a 94.82 percent attendance, just above the national average. More than 20 percent of teachers had excellent attendance, meaning they missed three or fewer days of class.

In the 40 districts studied, 16 percent of teachers were listed as “chronically absent,” meaning they missed 18 days or more in the school year.

The districts spent about $424 million combined on substitute teachers during the school year, not including the resources spent recruiting, training and securing them.

The report stated, “when teachers are absent more than 10 days, the decrease in student achievement is equivalent to the difference between having a brand new teacher and one with two or three years more experience.”

Lowest average teacher absences (days per year)

Indianapolis, IN 6.1

District of Columbia 7.3

Louisville, KY 8.1

Milwaukee, WI 8.3

Tampa, FL 8.6

Highest average teacher absences (days per year)

Cleveland, OH 15.6

Columbus, OH 14.8

Nashville, TN 14.2

Portland, OR 14.1

Jacksonville, FL 13.9