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What We’re Reading: Chicago’s union chief weighing a mayoral bid

  • The head of Chicago’s teachers union is considering running against Rahm Emanuel for mayor. (Sun-Times)
  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is losing allies over his opposition to the Common Core standards. (Politico)
  • Opposition to the Common Core is a vote-getter for critics in a way that support isn’t for proponents. (Talking Points Memo)
  • An alumnus whose former school is once again facing closure mulls the past — and the future. (Washington Post)
  • A satirical obituary says close reading, a central focus of the Common Core, was killed by “buzzwordification.” (Teaching the Core)
  • A report released this week argues for treating principals like CEOs — in responsibility and pay. (Atlantic)
  • Venture capital investment in education technology fell by more than half since the first quarter of the year. (TechCrunch)
  • Ed tech also seems to be growing achievement gaps, not closing them. (Slate)
  • A new study finds that students who are struggling in math don’t need fun activities to engage them. (Curriculum Matters)
  • A Philadelphia educator reflects on a year of building a school from scratch. (Philly Teacher)
  • New York City high schools take a variety of approaches to closing the college guidance gap. (City Limits)
  • What did the last day of school look like? A photo gallery. (EdWeek)