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Youth One Book, One Denver teaches kids how to be ‘Savvy’

“Imagine waking up on the 13th birthday knowing something extraordinary was going to happen to you, but you didn’t know what.”

This is the premise of the book chosen for this year’s Youth One Book, One Denver summer reading program.

“A savvy is a power that forces kids to make sense of themselves and make sense of growing up,” said Ingrid Law, the author of ‘Savvy,’ this year’s selection. “‘Savvy’ is a book about family, friendship and the talents inherent in us all.”

Mayor Michael B. Hancock revealed the selection of Law’s book to participants, parents and sponsors at kickoff of the Youth One Book, One Denver event on Tuesday morning.

Hancock had students raise their books in the air and recite this pledge: “I promise throughout the summer (that) I will read every day. And if I have yet to learn to read, I will ask an adult to read to me every day this summer so that I don’t have summertime learning loss. I’m ready to read.”

The selection follows votes from more than 1,800 schoolchildren. Rosen Publishing donated more than 10,000 books for the 6,000 participants in the program.

The Youth One Book, One Denver program was designed for children age 9-12 with the hopes of keeping them educationally active throughout the summer, as well as increase the number of students reading at or above grade level. The program runs through July 26.