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List of potential new Denver schools for 2015-2016 now public

For those waiting to see who might apply to take over Denver’s struggling Kepner and Manual campuses, the wait’s over.

The list of potential new schools coming to Denver in 2015-2016 is now public, with 24 individuals or organizations submitting letters of intent to Denver Public School’s “Call for New Quality Schools.”

Among those vying for a spot at Manual is Andy Mendelsberg, the principal at East High School. As anticipated, Mendelsberg submitted a proposal for a ninth grade academy at Manual, with a focus on STEM education.

Manual’s current principal Don Roy submitted a proposal as well. The vision layed out does not significantly deviate from the school’s current format, stating it would be a comprehensive high school with a vision to educate “the scholars and revolutionaries that our society needs to abolish inequalities.”

Only one other application explicitly mentioned Manual–a proposal for a technical academy focused on STEM education, with the option for students to receive an associate’s degree.

Two letters expressed interest in Kepner. One, submitted by Kepner’s current assistant principal Mark Harmon, proposes a bilingual, “bi-cultural” school for the campus.

The other letter, submitted by Denver charter network STRIVE, indicates that they will determine whether to submit a final application based on community feedback. STRIVE also submitted applications for two other schools, which would bring the network’s total to 12.

The letters are non-binding but indicate those who may interested in the campuses. Completed applications for most (excluding Manual and Kepner) are due March 14, with final approval or denial coming in June.

The complete list, which is available here, also includes applications for two KIPP schools in the Far Northeast as well as several for elementary schools in near northeast Denver.