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Coming soon: exclusive new Capitol coverage

During Colorado’s legislative session, it’s not uncommon to find Chalkbeat’s Capitol Editor Todd Engdahl tapping away on his laptop in one committee hearing, while keeping tabs on another by audio-streaming it through headphones. Some might say he’s a glutton for punishment, but his multitasking ability helps him deliver the best legislative education coverage in the state.

Starting in January, readers will have a chance to get more of Engdahl’s exclusive legislative coverage than ever before. It’s simple: Sign up for Chalkbeat’s new Capitol Membership. It includes a legislative preview on Jan. 5, Sunday e-newsletters previewing each week’s developments, breaking news e-mail alerts throughout the session and a comprehensive legislative wrap-up in May.

The Capitol Membership is perfect for readers who need to stay informed about state education policy, but don’t have time to wade through dense legislative documents and navigate the grueling law-making process. This new service will augment the comprehensive legislative coverage that Engdahl has always provided and will continue to provide to Chalkbeat readers daily.

The Capitol Membership is available for just $120, with discounts available to those who work for schools, school districts, or state or federal government. To sign up or learn more, click here.

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