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Watch: Jeffco curriculum debate hits the airwaves locally, nationally

Jefferson County board members, parents, students, and teachers were pulling double duty this week debating among themselves in the board room and on the airwaves.

At issue was a proposal to form a curriculum review panel that would report directly to the Jefferson County Board of Education. That proposal sparked more than a week’s worth of protests from students. Board members who supported  the measure said they were fulfilling their constitutional duty.

Ultimately, the board majority laid the groundwork Thursday for the panel. But that didn’t mean the debate ended. Here’s a roundup of appearances by Jeffco folks in local and national media.

Ken Witt, Dan McMinimee, Jill Fellman on Colorado State of Mind

Superintendent Dan McMinimee explained his proposal for Rocky Mountain PBS viewers. His proposal was the backbone for the what ultimately became the board majority’s “compromise.”

Julie Williams and Shawna Fritzler on the Kelly File

Board member Julie Williams told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly she believes the new Advanced Placement U.S. history course downplays important historical figures to make room for the Black Panthers. Meanwhile, Fritzler, a parent, explained why so many parents were concerned.
Ken Witt on Devil’s Advocate

Board chair Ken Witt explained, to the Independence Institute’s Jon Caldara, why he wants more input from the community to make better decisions.

Ashlyn Maher and Sarah Garland on Melissa Harris-Perry

And, Jeffco student Ashlyn Maher told MSNBC viewers students will keep the heat on the board majority. She rejected the claim the board compromised on the final makeup of the committee.