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72 percent of Coloradans say middle class families should receive help to pay for early learning

That’s how Watney reacted to a new poll that found majorities of Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated Colorado voters support investments in early childhood programs — including teacher training, voluntary parent coaching, and expanding access to early learning or child care.

Among the survey’s findings:

  • 52 percent believe Colorado needs to do more to prepare students for kindergarten.
  • 84 percent of Democrats support more federal aid to preschool programs, while only 40 percent of Republicans do.
  • 76 percent of unaffiliated voters believe the federal government should invests to help states provide more access to high-quality early childhood programs for low- and moderate-income families.

Denver voters will get to decide in November if more sales tax revenue should go to early childhood learning.

The poll was conducted by the bipartisan team of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research for the First Five Years Fund. The fund is an education nonprofit that advocates for early childhood education programs for disadvantaged children.

Survey says…