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Mike Johnston’s lead foot points out photo radar glitch

Apparently a technical problem means state legislators don’t receive photo radar tickets as other drivers do, according to a report by CBS4 (see story).

Specifically, lawmakers don’t receive tickets because their special license plates aren’t in the state computer system.

According to CBS4:

“The problem surfaced when a woman in Canon City, Evonne Estis, began receiving photo radar tickets intended for State Senator Mike Johnston.

“In about a year’s time Johnston was caught speeding six times by Denver photo radar cameras. But since his state legislative plate which bears the number “33” was not in the DMV system, Denver didn’t send out three of the violations.

“The other three were sent out, but due to a glitch in the system they went to Evonne Estis who has a vanity plate on her SUV that reads “33,” her favorite number.”

The Denver Democrat told CBS4 that he’s paid $160 for the tickets sent to Estis and sent her an apology note.

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