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DPS bond/mill levy oversight committees named

Thirty Denverites now have the daunting responsibility of keeping track of how the district spends $466 million in bond money for facility improvements and $49 million on program upgrades in Denver Public Schools.Without further ado, here are the members of the district’s Citizens’ Bond and Mill Levy Oversight Committees (lest they fail to attend at least 75 percent of the meetings, in which case they will get the boot from said committee):Mill levy committee

  • Michael Johnson (co-chair)
  • Van Schoales (co-chair)
  • Tom Buescher
  • Ramon del Castillo
  • Sam Edwards
  • Anna Jo Haynes
  • Eliot Lewis
  • Lori Mack
  • Denise Maes
  • Glenna Norvelle
  • Mary O’Neil
  • Susan Pinkney Todd
  • Gully Stanford
  • Clark Strickland
  • Board Representative: Anne Rowe

Bond committee

  • Kelly Leid (co-chair)
  • Kendra Black (co-chair)
  • Mark Ajluni
  • Mary Brice
  • Luchia Brown
  • Douglas Elenowitz
  • Patricia Fedrico
  • Stacie Gilmore
  • Beverly Haddon
  • Roger Kilgore
  • Monique Lovato
  • Cathryn Milkey
  • Michelle Moss
  • Karen Taylor
  • Luis Torres
  • Board Representative: Jeannie Kaplan

Give these folks a round of applause. They’re volunteers. And, according to the district, they represent all areas of Denver and include parents, teachers, community advocates, business leaders, and people in government.

Specifically, the mill folks will review and give feedback on spending recommendations by the district, while monitoring that the expenditures are consistent with voter intent. They will also review “accountability of investments” on student achievement.

Meanwhile, the bond folks will track whether bond expenditures are consistent with voter intent, and provide advice on changes to the original project list approved by the Board of Education.

Committee members have been staggered with two- and three-year terms, except co-chairs, who serve one-year terms. All meetings are publicized on the DPS Bond and Mill Levy website and are open to the public. Up to 10 minutes at the start of each meeting are reserved for public comment. All materials are posted on the website.

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