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Rise & Shine: Teens arrested at Noel, Post a fair weather fan on tax increase


  • The architects of Amendment 66, which went down in flames Tuesday, say they’re committed to school funding reform but don’t have any immediate plans. EdNews Colorado
  • Voters said “hell no” to Amendment 66 and other colorful dispatches from the election night via EdNews reporters. Amendment 66, Denver Public Schools, Dougco.
  • Across the state, Colorado’s school boards moved toward reform candidates. The Denver Post
  • Here’s a roundup of major local news outlets and how they covered Amendment 66’s doom. Fox, 9News, 7News, CBS4, CPR, Denver Post
  • It looks like the incumbent in Colorado Springs school board races are heading back to work. Gazette
  • And in no-relation to Amendment 66, a pair of teens were arrested early Tuesday for allegedly breaking into a school at Noel campus. Police believe there could be a link to other incident at neighboring schools. 7News


  • New York City has a new mayor, Bill de Blasio, who is far less likely to donate to any Colorado issues in the near future. New York Post
  • While Coloradans said no to a tax hike, New Yorkers said yes to casinos. The tax dollars raised from the new venture will go to New York schools, not New Jersey, the governor there said. Times Union
  • A Florida school is moving away from so-called “zero tolerance” policies that require schools to refer even minor misdemeanors to the police in order to curb school-to-prision pipleine. NPR


  • Blaming charter schools for financial woes in the school district is unfair, says charter school advocate. Huff Post
  • The Denver Post editorial board, which “enthusiastically” supported Amendment 66, is evidently, a fair weather fan. Denver Post

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