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Get ready to be hit up by A66 canvassers

The pro-Amendment 66 campaign is planning a “Back Our Schools Day” on Saturday, Oct. 5, so be prepared for a campaign pitch on your doorstep or elsewhere.

According to the Colorado Commits website, canvassing is planned in Adams, Boulder, El Paso, Jefferson, La Plata, Larimer, Pueblo and Summit counties, plus in parts of the Roaring Fork and San Luis valleys. We wouldn’t be surprised if more locations are added next week.

Here’s the pitch from the Colorado Commits website:

“Please join us for Back Our Schools Day! Folks from all over Pueblo County will be joining together to get some canvass training and attend a fire-up rally, and then we’re hitting the pavement to knock on doors and talk to our neighbors about Amendment 66. WE NEED YOU to join us! Bring your walking shoes and a smile, and we’ll provide the rest.”

There are similar pitches for the other counties, plus details on where the “fire-up” rallies are being held. (See this page for a list of the events.)

The canvassing is scheduled just a few days before Oct. 14, the first day that county clerks can put ballots in the mail to registered voters.

Colorado Commits also has posted a video from a Tuesday rally at which an asphalt parking lot at Clayton Early Learning was covered with a few thousand colorful chalk stick figures of children and other images.

The speeded-up, two-minute and fifteen-second video is intended to make the point that Amendment 66 would provide funding for expansion of the state preschool program. After showing a man preparing to power wash the chalk off the lot, a caption warns, “But you need to vote yes this November or this opportunity will be washed away.” (View the video here.)

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