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Find your high school’s 2012 ACT scores

Colorado’s high school juniors performed roughly the same this past spring on their required ACT college entrance exams as they did in spring 2011, with slight dips in math and science offset by slight increases in reading and English.

Among the ten largest school districts, the state’s highest-performing districts – Boulder and Fort Collins – also showed the most growth, though those gains also were slight.

Results for the ACT exams for schools and districts were released Friday by the Colorado Department of Education. Statewide scores were released Aug. 8. More school, district and state results.

The state’s highest-performing school was Liberty Common Charter School in Fort Collins, with a composite of 27.5 out of a possible 36. Bob Schaffer, chair of the State Board of Education, is principal.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Search tips

  • The database allows for multiple selections of schools. To see more than one school in a district, click on the district name, press “Ctrl” (for PC users) or “Cmd” (for Mac users) and then select as many school names as you’d like.
  • Want to compare a school or district to the statewide average? Click in the “School District” name box and scroll down to “State Results.”
  • To see district averages, click on a school district’s name and then scroll down to “District Results” in the school name box.
  • To rank search results, click on a column heading. For example, if you’re looking at several schools and want to easily see which had the highest average composite score in 2012, click on the column heading “2012 Average Composite Score.” Click once and it sorts lowest to highest – click twice to see highest to lowest.
  • Clicking the “Details” button brings up 2011 ACT data for comparison.

Data notes

  • Only schools with at least 16 students receiving ACT scores are included; the state withholds data for fewer students to protect their privacy. If you cannot find a school or you see dashes or blanks in your school’s history, that typically means not enough students took the exams that year to disclose results. It may also mean the school is new and did not have high school juniors that year.
  • Poverty rate refers to the number of students in a school or district who are eligible for federal meal assistance. It is a widely used indicator of student poverty.

Learn more

  • Visit the Colorado Department of Education’s ACT results page for previous years’ scores, to see the data in spreadsheets and to learn more about the ACT.
  • Can’t find a school? Think your school data is in error? Email us at EdNews@EdNewsColorado.org and we’ll check it out.

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