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Find your high school’s graduate data

More than 70 percent of African-American girls who graduated from Denver’s East High School in 2009 had enrolled in college a year later. Fewer than half of Hispanic girls who graduated from East that year had done so.

That kind of specific graduation data broken down by ethnicity, high school and gender is now available as part of a first-of-its-kind report released last week by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

The department’s print report contained district-level data only. But department officials placed additional data online that paints the most detailed picture yet available of what happens to students graduating from Colorado high schools.

Click in the box below to see the data for your high school.


  • Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Search tips and data notes
  • To see results for all graduates of a district or high school, click on those names in the appropriate boxes and don’t make a selection in the “ethnicity” and “gender” boxes. All ethnicity and gender selections will then appear.
  • To make multiple selections, such as seeing both genders or more than one ethnicity, hold the “Ctrl” button and click on your choices. For example, to see African-American and Hispanic graduates of Denver’s Abraham Lincoln High School, make your selections in the district and school boxes and then click both ethnicities and both genders in those boxes.
  • Clicking the “Details” button brings up more information, including raw numbers as well as percentages.
  • In some cases, the gender and/or ethnicity of a student is not available. Those instances are denoted by “not available” or “NA.”
  • Can’t find a school? Think your school data is in error? Email us at EdNews@EdNewsColorado.org and we’ll check it out.
  • All data is from the Colorado Department of Higher Education.
  • Additional databases, including remediation rates in college, can be found in the EdNews’ Data Center and on this Colorado Department of Higher Education website.