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Ask an Expert: Supporting my child during TCAP testing

One way a parent can address their child when it comes to these standardized tests is to explain to your child 


that we as a district,  want to know what they know.

A test will give each district enough data to show where they are doing well in some areas, and where they need to improve.

At this point in the year, the state of Colorado and surrounding schools center many things around testing.  The tests are very important for many things.  But, we really need students to do their best to see where the school can improve and where their strengths are.

Talking to your child about testing

Parents can support their students by explaining the importance of “trying your best.” You only know what you know.  Also, support your student by making sure he is well rested, and he gets something to eat the day of the test.  Looking up testing strategies might help your son take this test.  But those only go so far….it usually comes down to knowing the subject and content.

As far as your son being worried about his teacher losing her job…. that is one area Senate Bill-191 will address.  But, as of now, the teacher has to take ownership in what she is doing before the test is taken.  If she does a great job with instruction, then she probably will feel comfortable with her results.  If not, and she does not show growth in her students…then that teacher will need to take ownership in that.

Get more of your questions about TCAP answered in by the Colorado Department of Education.


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