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Legislative calendar March 19-23

Here’s the calendar of education-related meetings in the legislature for March 19-23. Floor and committee agendas are subject to change during the week, and measures scheduled for the floor are frequently subject to delay.


10 a.m. – House preliminary consideration

  • House Bill 12-1118 – Transparency of school district contract negotiations
  • House Bill 12-1238 – Early literacy
  • House Bill 12-1080 – Adams State name change
  • Senate Bill 12-048- Metro State name change

10 a.m. – Senate final consideration

  • Senate Bill 12-015 – Tuition rates for undocumented students (expect to be delayed)

Senate preliminary consideration

  • Senate Bill 12-130 – Consolidation of state early childhood programs

1:30 p.m. – Joint Budget Committee, room LSB-A

  • Release of March quarterly revenue forecasts
  • Discussion of unfinished 2012-13 budget issues, including testing costs and other CDE items (second part of meeting will be in JBC hearing room)

1:30 p.m. – House Education Committee, room 0112

  • Senate Bill 12-050 – Technical measure on college construction
  • Senate Bill 12-045 – Associate degree “reverse transfers”
  • Senate Bill 12-036 – Parent consent for school surveys
  • Senate Bill 12-067 – Non-profit requirement for charter schools


9 a.m. – Senate preliminary consideration

  • House Bill 12-1144 – Multiyear contracts for non-tenure track instructors


7:30 a.m. – House Education Committee, room 0112

  • Discussion of state NCLB waiver and multistate tests

8 a.m. – Joint education committees, room 0112

  • Briefing by Colorado School Finance Project

Upon floor adjournment – House Education Committee, room 0112

  • Senate Bill 12-145 – Cap on current year’s transfers from state land revenues
  • Senate Bill 12-057 – Qualifications for teachers of Native America languages
  • Senate Bill 12-061 – Updating of charter school authorization laws

Upon floor adjournment – Senate Education Committee, room 354

  • House Bill 12-1081 – Administration flexibility for Auraria Higher Education Center (action only)
  • House Bill 12-1220 – Technical measure involving CSU

Use the Education Bill Tracker for links to bill texts and status information.

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