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Legislative calendar Feb. 6-10

Here’s the calendar of education-related meetings in the legislature for Feb. 6-10. Floor and committee agendas are subject to change during the week, and measures scheduled for the floor are subject to delay.


7:30 a.m. – House Appropriations Committee, room LSB-A
– Consideration of bills making adjustments to 2011-12 budget, including for the departments of education and higher education
– House Bill 12-1201 – Adjustments in current year school funding

10 a.m. – House preliminary consideration
– House Bill 12-1061 – Requirement for annual report on alignment of workforce needs and college programs
– House Bill 12-1090 – Handling conflicts between enrollment count date and religious holidays

10 a.m. – Senate preliminary consideration
– Senate Bill 12-015 – Separate tuition rate for undocumented students (may be held over)
– Senate Bill 12-079 – Revisions to Safe2tell program

1:30 p.m. – House Education Committee, room 0112
– House Bill 12-1212 – Change in reimbursement for BOCES online programs
– House Bill 12-1149 – Modified parent trigger bill
– House Bill 12-1218 – Reauthorization of early childhood commission


8 a.m. – Joint education committees, room 0112
– Briefings by Donnell-Kay Foundation and CDE

Upon floor adjournment – House Education Committee, room 0112
– House Bill 12-1043 – Creation of additional concurrent enrollment program
– House Bill 12-1072 – College credit for life experience
– Strategic plan recommendations for departments of education and higher education

Upon floor adjournment – Senate Education Committee, room 354
– Senate Bill 12-145 – Capping current year transfers from state lands revenues
– Senate Bill 12 – Changes in authorization and revocation procedures for charter schools
– House Bill 12-1001 – Ratification of educator evaluation regulations

1:30 p.m. – House Finance Committee, room LSB-A
– House Bill 12-1069 – Tax holiday for back-to-school purchases (second item)


Upon floor adjournment – Senate Finance Committee, room 354
– Senate Bill 12-119 – PERA fiscal sustainability (first bill)
– Senate Bill 12-082 – PERA retirement eligibility age

1:30 p.m. – House Judiciary Committee, room 0107
– House Bill 12-1092 – Change in law on carrying concealed weapons, including on college campuses (third item)

1:30 p.m. – Senate Education Committee, room 354
– Senate Bill 12-036 – Parent consent for school surveys
– Senate Bill 12-045 – “Reverse transfer” of credits for AA degree
– Senate Bill 12-067 – Non-profit requirement for charter schools
– Senate Bill 12-106 – Expansion of authority for early colleges

Use the Education Bill Tracker for links to bill texts and status information.

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