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This week's teaching & learning tidbits

Obama proposes $80 million boost for math/science education

President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed $80 million in new government funding for a program to boost science and math education in U.S. schools.

Obama, who is running for re-election in November at a time when the economy is voters’ top concern, has sought to emphasize math and science education as one of the keys to a robust economic recovery. Read more in this Reuters article.

Colorado to get its NCLB waiver

Colorado will be among 10 states receiving waivers from No Child Left Behind today, according to media reports.

The other states are Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Tennessee, according to an Associated Press story posted on the Education Week website. Of initial applicants, only New Mexico did not receive a waiver. Read more in EdNews Colorado.

Thompson School District may put moratorium on field trips

LOVELAND, Colo.—The Thompson School District is considering a moratorium on field trips to save money.

The district is trying to cut up to $1 million from the transportation budget to cope with an estimated $6 million deficit in the coming school year budget.

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, the district is also considering eliminating busing for high school students and charging others a monthly fee to ride the bus. Read more in the Denver Post.

Colorado’s battle over school funding

A district court has ruled that the state’s public schools are so underfunded they can’t meet the Colorado’s own education standards. But the legal battle is just the beginning. A real solution may depend on taxpayers. Listen to this NPR report.

10-year-old invents app that tracks reading homework

DENVER (CBS4)- A 10-year-old has invented an app that keeps track of reading homework.

Daniel Chao likes to do typical things that a 10-year-old does: hang out with friends in the lunch room and when he’s not in school, he enjoys playing piano and tennis. Check out this CBS4 report.

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