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This week's healthy schools highlights

Snack bars and junk food common in schools: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – About half of all elementary school students can buy potato chips, ice cream or similar snacks in vending machines and at snack bars during school, suggests a new study. Read more in the Chicago Tribune.

Kids eat healthy school lunch because they grow it themselves

DENVER — Obesity rates are skyrocketing nationwide and even though Colorado is one of the most healthy states, studies show one in four of Colorado’s children are obese or overweight.

There is one Denver school that refuses to be a part of the statistics. Denver Green School is living up to its name, and the students themselves are digging in to make sure they get nothing but the best. Check out this FOX 31 report.

School lunch officials: Trans-fat ban needless

DENVER — Heads of the nutrition departments at Pueblo-area two school districts said Thursday that proposed legislation to ban trans-fats in school meals is unnecessary.

“The recently passed Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act at the federal level already mandates that schools serve zero trans-fats,” said Jill Kidd, director of nutrition services at Pueblo City Schools district (D60). “This legislation would just lay another layer and more costs at the state level that are unnecessary.” Read more in the Pueblo Chieftain.

Schools and parents must work together to fight childhood obesity

I have always said that a healthy lifestyle is vitally important for children. My fourth book, The Food Cure for Kids, details how setting a good example and feeding kids well can improve brain function, help eliminate chronic health problems and boost their immune systems. Read more in the Huffington Post.

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