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Find your district’s 2012 state rating

Colorado Department of Education officials on Wednesday released 2012 state ratings for districts, as required under the Education Accountability Act of 2009.

This year, 10% of districts – or 19 of a total of 183 – received the top rating of Accredited with Distinction while just five districts, or 3%, were rated Accredited with Turnaround Plan – the state’s worst. Possible ratings, from best to worst, are Distinction, Accredited (48%), Accredited with Improvement Plan (28%), Accredited with Priority Improvement Plan (11%) and Turnaround.

Districts earning the two lowest ratings face sanctions, including the loss of state accreditation, if they don’t improve within five years. Three small districts – Karval, Vilas and the Mountain Board of Cooperative Education Services or BOCES – are entering year 4 of those low ratings. See related story and learn more about what the ratings mean.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Search tips

  • You can select more than one district by holding down the “Ctrl” or “Cmd” button and clicking on as many names as you’d like to see.
  • To see all districts with a certain rating, skip the “School District” search box and click on a rating in the “State Rating” search box.

Data notes

  • After your results are returned, click on the “Details” link to see more details about that district’s rating, including what percent of possible points were earned on the state rating system in each of the past three years.
  • Also on the “Details” page, you’ll see how many years a district has been on Priority Improvement or Turnaround status. Districts earning either rating for five years face state sanctions. Districts can be on year 4 if they were issued a Notice of Support by the state in 2008-09.

Learn more

  • If you prefer your data in Excel spreadsheets, go to this Colorado Department of Education webpage and scroll down to the fourth bullet marked “CDE 2012 District Accreditation Ratings.”
  • Interested in seeing your district improvement plan? Go here.
  • If you have questions about the data or see an error, please contact us at

What the ratings mean

→ Districts are evaluated on four performance indicators:

  • Academic achievement on state exams, a possible 15 of 100 points
  • Academic growth on state exams, a possible 35 of 100 points
  • Closing achievement gaps among student groups on state exams, a possible 15 of 100 points
  • Post-secondary and workforce readiness as determined by performance on the Colorado ACT, dropout rate and graduation rate, a possible 35 of 100 points

→ On each indicator, a district was determined to be either an Exceeds, Meets, Approaching or Does Not Meet on the criteria set by the state.

→ Districts are placed in one of five accreditation levels or ratings based on their overall points:

  • Accredited with Distinction – These districts meet or exceed statewide performance indicators. They achieved at or above 80 percent of points possible.
  • Accredited – These districts meet statewide performance indicators. They achieved at or above 64 percent of points possible but below 80 percent.
  • Accredited with Improvement – These districts must complete a plan to improve but those plans aren’t subject to approval by the Colorado Department of Education. They achieved at or above 52 percent of points possible but below 64 percent.
  • Accredited with Priority improvement – These districts must file improvement plans for CDE review and approval. They achieved at or above 42 percent of points possible but below 52 percent.
  • Accredited with Turnaround – These districts, like those on Priority Turnaround, must file improvement plans that are subject to state review and approval. They achieved below 42 percent of points possible.

→ Possible sanctions – Districts receiving the two lowest ratings of Priority Improvement or Turnaround for five consecutive years face sanctions including loss of state accreditation.

Additional resources

→ More detailed district performance framework data for 2012 is scheduled for release Dec. 5, when individual school performance ratings also will be released. Until then, here’s how to find additional information about the state’s accreditation system:

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