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Money keeps flowing to tight races

Democrats for Education Reform has put some money behind its legislative endorsements and the AFT’s small-donor committee has made another round of candidate contributions.

Campaign spending reports filed Monday with the secretary of state’s office show much of the money that went to individual candidates was focused on the tight races where Democrats and Republicans are battling for control of the 2013 legislature. Only Democrats were the recipients of cash from both DFER and union-affiliated campaign committees.

Top recipients this round, receiving combined totals of $1,800 each, were Democrats Sen. Linda Newell in District 26 in Arapahoe County, Rep. Pete Lee in District 18 in El Paso County and Rep. Dave Young in District 50 in Greeley. The first two districts are among this year’s battleground races.

Newell and GOP opponent Dave Kerber have raised a combined total of nearly $250,000, with Newell gaining the edge. Fundraising in the race between Lee and Republican Jennifer George also is in the neighborhood of $250,000.

Combined union donations of $1,500 went to Democrats Sen. Evie Hudak in District 19 and Rep. Andy Kerr, who’s running for Senate in District 22. Both districts are in Jefferson County.

Hudak and GOP opponent Lang Sias are approaching a combined total of $289,000 in fundraising, while Kerr and Republican candidate Rep. Ken Summers have broken through the $250,000 level in combined fundraising. Hudak and Kerr are ahead in the money contests.

Who gave what in the latest round

The Democrats for Education Reform Small Donor Committee gave a total of $4,000 to candidates, including $400 each to Newell, Brittany Pettersen in House District 28, Chuck Rodosovich in House District 47, Rep. Millie Hamner in District 61, Lee, Young, Dominick Moreno in House District 32 and Sen. Mary Hodge in District 25. A donation of $200 went to Rep. Rhonda Fields in District 42, and $400 was contributed to Angelika Schroeder, the Democratic candidate for State Board of Education in the 2nd Congressional District.

The AFT of Colorado Small Donor Committee made contributions of $8,000 in the most recent reporting period, which covered activity from Sept. 13-26. Contributions of $1,000 each were made to Kerr, Newell, Hudak, Hamner, Lee, Rep. Daniel Kagan in District 3 and Young. A $400 contribution was made to Rep. Matt Jones in District 12, and $300 each went to Pettersen and Deb Primavera in House District 22.

The Public Education Committee, the main small-donor arm of the Colorado Education Association, gave $135,000 in contributions in the reporting period. The bulk of that went to two independent expenditure committees that are part of the coalition of Democratic Party and union-affiliated groups that support Democratic candidates. The Community Information Project IE Committee received $60,000, and the Coalition for Colorado’s Future IE Committee received $75,000.

The District 12 Educators Association Political Action Committee gave $400 each to Primavera, Joann Ginal in House District 52, Mike McLachlan in House District 59, Newell, Pettersen, Kagan, Rodosevich, Lee, Young, Tony Exum in House District 17 and Martinez.

The Poudre Education Association for Children and Public Education Small Donor Committee gave a total of $5,300, $500 each to Kerr, Hudak and Pettersen, $1,000 each to Ginal and Rep. John Kefalas, who’s running in Senate District 14, and $1,000 to Schroeder in her state board race.

The Pueblo Education Association Small Donor Committee gave $4,500 to Democrat Crestina Martinez, running in southern Colorado’s Senate District 35; $2,500 to the House Majority Project, a Democratic Party group, and $2,500 to the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund.

This article was updated on on Oct. 3 to correctly identify contributions to Hudak and Kerr.

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