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Find your Denver Public School's rating

More Denver schools have earned the top two ratings under the district’s 2011 School Performance Framework, according to results released today.

The SPF, released every September, rates each Denver school as Distinguished, Meets Expectations, Accredited on Watch, Accredited on Priority Watch or Accredited on Probation.

The ratings are based heavily on student academic growth on state exams, followed by whether students are achieving at grade level and indicators such as attendance rates, graduation rates and numbers of students re-enrolling in a school.

Go here to read the EdNews story about this year’s ratings and here to find individual school websites.


Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Search tips

  • You can select more than one school by holding down the “Ctrl” button and clicking on as many names as you’d like to see.
  • To see all schools with a certain rating, skip the “School Name” search box and click on a rating in the “School Rating” search box.
  • After finding your school, click on the “Details” button in the search results field to learn more about the school’s demographics and to see more detail about the factors behind the ratings.

Data notes

  • After clicking through to “Details,” you’ll see scores in the various areas that make up the overall rating. This includes growth, performance, student engagement, parent satisfaction and, for high schools, readiness growth and performance. Each area is rated, from best to worst, as “Exceeds,” “Meets,” “Approaching” or “Does Not Meet.”
  • Schools denoted with an asterisk are in the process of being phased out or are undergoing restructuring efforts.

Learn more

  • Denver’s school ratings differ from the state’s school ratings, which were first released last year. Learn about the difference here.
  • Learn more about the SPF on the DPS webpage.
  • If you have questions about the data or see an error, please contact us at

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