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Find your district’s latest budget numbers

Finally! It seems like these school budget figures have changed weekly. Now, check out the results of final negotiations on state K-12 funding for 2011-2012. The outcome for school districts isn’t good – but it’s better than expected.

Total cuts come in at $228 million, rather than $332 million as proposed by Gov. Hickenlooper, and average per-pupil funding will drop by $344 rather than nearly $500.

See how your school district fared:

Online Database by Caspio //

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.*Additional funds may be available in 2012 for enrollment growth and loss of local tax revenues, but that money depends on increases in state tax collections beyond forecasted levels.

  • To compare districts, hit “Ctrl” and click on as many names as you’d like to see.
  • To see statewide averages, scroll down to “State totals” in the School District search box.
  • “Total program funding” refers to the combination of state and local funds used to pay for basic school operations; numbers in parenthesis are negative.
  • Clicking the “Details” button available when your initial results are returned yields more data, including your district’s projected enrollment growth for 2011-12.
  • Clicking on the column headings, such as “Change in per-pupil funding from 2010-11 to 2011-12,” allows you to sort your results by size.
  • Think your district’s data is in error? Email us at EdNews@EdNewsColorado.org.

*Data source: Colorado Department of Education.

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