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Find out where your school's grads go to college

Where do Colorado’s public high school graduates go after they cross the commencement stage? Slightly less than half enroll in a state college or university, with two-thirds picking a four-year program and a third going the two-year route.

Graduates’ top choice among public universities was Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Among two-year programs, it was Front Range Community College, with campuses in Boulder, Fort Collins and Westminster.

That’s according to a data snapshot for the Class of 2009, the first and most recent year for which researchers at the Colorado Department of Higher Education are using K-12 student identification numbers to track graduates’ progress through state colleges and universities.

Their report lets you see where your school’s graduates are going to college – or not – in Colorado:

See how many of your school and district graduates went to 2- and 4-year programs

Online Database by Caspio //

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.See what colleges were attended by your school and district graduates

Online Database by Caspio //

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Data notes

  • Researchers tracked enrollment in 28 public colleges and universities, plus three private institutions – Colorado Christian, Denver and Regis universities – which receive public dollars through the state College Opportunity Fund.
  • Graduates who enrolled in colleges or universities outside of Colorado are not tracked, nor are those who enrolled in most private programs or vocational schools.
  • This database includes the state’s largest 20 school districts plus statewide figures. To find graduates of schools not included, check out this Department of Higher Education search tool.
  • “Unknown” means a student received a diploma from a particular district but their specific high school cannot be determined.

Search tips

  • Scroll down to “Statewide” in either search box to see statewide averages and a summary of colleges chosen by the Class of 2009.
  • To see results for more than one school, hit “CTRL” and click on as many selections as you’d like.
  • Click on column headers, such as “% found in 2-year program,” to sort results by size.
  • Think your school or district’s data is in error? Email us at

*Data source: Colorado Department of Education and Colorado Department of Higher Education.

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