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Ask an Expert: My child needs tutoring, but I don't have money.

Q. I am a single mom with limited resources. Both of my kids need tutoring to get to grade level. Is there any free tutoring for Denver Public Schools students? – Vicky of Denver.

A. Denver Public Schools offers many resources for free or discounted tutoring and academic enrichment. During the school year, the nationwide Supplemental Educational Services program provides free tutoring to qualified students.

To see if you qualify or to get more information, visit the SES website or call the information hotline at 720-423-3421. Your children’s school may also have additional information.

During the summer, Denver Public Schools and its affiliates offer many academic camps and tutoring programs.

Below is a list of programs that you might want to consider:

Denver Public Library

The Denver Public Library offers reading programs at all of its branches for children in preschool through 12th grade. Visit this website for programs targeting teens. Or, click here to check out programs for younger kids. For more information on summer programming, contact Martha Garbison or Lisa Champion at 720-865-0940 or 720-865-0215.

Mi Casa Resource Center

The Mi Casa Resources Center offers a five-week summer program for sixth- through ninth-graders that includes an emphasis on academic enrichment. It primarily serves northwest Denver but all are welcome to enroll. For more information, contact Cody Buchanan at 303-571-1881 or visit

Summer Scholars

This six-week literacy program targets students who are not reading at grade level. Summer Scholars also offers adult and early childhood education classes. Contact Ed Edwards at 303-355-0290 or visit

Neighborhood centers

Many neighborhood centers offer free summer academic enrichment. Contact your local neighborhood center or visit the Department of Extended Learning website at

Open World Learning

Open World Learning, a nonprofit that supports children’s school success by tapping the power of digital technology and peer teaching to develop leadership, offers a variety of summer enrichment camps. You can visit its website at

(Source: Denver Public Schools Communications office)

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