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Legislative education calendar April 10-15

This is the legislative schedule of education-related bills and events for April 10-15, as of April 8. Floor calendars are subject to change and addition, and committee calendars occasionally change.


10 a.m. – House preliminary consideration
– Senate Bill 11-188 – Changes in charter school bonding program

10 a.m. – Senate final consideration
– Budget bills, including Senate Bill 11-209 (long bill) and Senate Bill 11-230 (school finance act)

Senate preliminary consideration (may be laid over)
– Senate Bill 11-052 – Higher education performance funding
– Senate Bill 11-126 – Resident tuition for undocumented students

Senate consideration of governor’s appointments
– Nominations to boards of School for the Deaf and Blind and Adams State College

1:30 p.m. – House Education Committee, room – 0112
– Senate Bill 11-070 – Support for special needs students in college


9 a.m. – Senate consideration of governor’s appointments
– Nominations to boards of community college system, School for the Deaf and Blind and Colorado Commission on Higher Education

The budget package is expected to be introduced in the House and the parties to caucus.


7:30 a.m. – Legislative Council, room 0112
– The leadership committee will consider 12 proposals for legislative studies, including these of interest to education:
– House Bill 11-1184 – Committee to study higher education funding
– Senate Bill 11-111 – Committee to study improving student performance at key school transition points
– Senate Bill 11-133 – Study of inappropriate discipline in schools
– Senate Joint Resolution 11-033 – Commission to review state tax studies

The House may do preliminary consideration of the budget package

Upon floor adjournment – Senate Education Committee, room 354
– Senate Bill 11-204 – Role and mission of CSU-Pueblo and UCCS


1:30 p.m. – Senate Education Committee, room 354
– Governor’s appointments for members of School for the Deaf and Blind board, CollegeInvest board and Private Occupational School Board
– Senate Bill 11-080 – Expansion of options for school improvement plans

Use the Education Bill Tracker for links to bill texts and status information

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