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National PTA unveils new anti-bullying campaign

National PTA has launched Connect for Respect – a new bullying prevention campaign. From describing what bullying is, to how to ensure your child doesn’t become a bully, PTA offers five tip sheets on bullying prevention and more at the PTA website. The site also shows PTA leaders how to create a Connect for Respect event and how to advocate for policies and practices that create a safe school climate for all children.

“PTAs have always played pivotal roles in creating a safe school and community climate but it’s time to step it up because bullying is not just happening on playgrounds anymore. It’s happening everywhere; online, via text, and on social networks. And parents may not know that it’s happening or what to do about it,” said Charles J. “Chuck” Saylors, National PTA president.

National PTA will urge its 5 million PTA leaders and members to get involved in bullying prevention in their communities by hosting a Connect for Respect event and sharing new resources with parents about bullying, like what to do if your child is a bully.

“Even one child being bullied is one too many. That’s why we created Connect for Respect, to help address the issue and help our grassroots take action on it. By working together, educators, parents, concerned citizens, business leaders, advocates and community members can support the implementation of bullying prevention programs, reinforce bullying prevention messages, and advocate for bullying policies to be implemented.”

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