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Legislative education calendars Feb. 7-11

Here’s the calendar of education-related bills in legislative committees and on the floor as of Feb. 4. Calendars are subject to changes and additions as the week progress. Check here for daily legislative calendars.


10 a.m. – House preliminary consideration
– House Bill 11-1007 – Opting out of state personnel system for Mesa State employees
– House Bill 11-1074 – Technical measure on funding of School of Mines financial aid

10 a.m. – Senate final consideration
– Senate Bill 11-076 – Continuation in shift of employer and employee contribution rates for the state division of PERA

1:30 p.m. – House Education Committee, room 0112
– House Bill 11-1069 – Required physical activity in elementary grades
– House Bill 11-1055 – Charter school access to district and state vacant buildings and land
– House Bill 11-1048 – Income tax credits for private school tuition


9 a.m. – Senate preliminary consideration
– Senate Bill 11-012 – Self-administration of prescription drugs by students at school

Upon floor adjournment – House Judiciary Committee, room 0107
– House bill 11-1053 – Incarceration for truancy and contempt of court


8 a.m. – Joint education committees, room 0112
– Presentation by Colorado School Counselor Association

Upon floor adjournment – House Education Committee, room 0112
– House Bill 11-1145 – Childcare employee background checks
– House Bill 11-1057 – Employment protections for adjunct instructors

Upon floor adjournment – Senate Education Committee, room 354
– Senate Bill 11-101 – Sunset bill concerning fixed tuition and fee program
– Senate Bill 11-106 – Sunset bill concerned science and technology grants board
– Senate Bill 11-061 – Special education appeals process streamlining


Upon floor adjournment – House Finance Committee, LSB-A
– House bill 11-1008 – Composition of PERA board

1:30 p.m. – Senate Education Committee, room 354
– Senate Bill 11-011 – Voting student members on CSU board
– Senate Bill 11-100 – Sunset bill regarding higher education course coordination program
– Senate Bill 11-080 – Creation of additional options for school improvement plans
– Senate Bill 11-069 – Regulation of education management organizations

1:30 p.m. – Senate Health and Human Services Committee, room 356
– Senate bill 11-040 – Mandatory youth sports coach training in concussion symptoms

Use the Education Bill Tracker for links to bill texts and status information

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